Warrior Trading Review

Last Updated on December 6, 2019

There are more than enough trading resources and platforms out there. Some are admittedly better than others, although there are a few that truly stand out from the pack. Of all of these, Warrior Trading is assuredly one of the more popular day trading services on the internet. It’s been lauded as a true newbie and seasoned pro alike.

Who/What is Warrior Trading?

Warrior Trading first started out as a blog in 2012. It initially served as a repository of insights, thoughts, and tips for those who wanted to get into online trading. Over time, the blog grew into what it is today – essentially a large chatroom to educate people on possible trades.

At its helm is Ross Cameron, a successful trader who created the initial blog as a way to put down his thoughts, mostly strategies that would succeed or fail due to trial and error. Now the website has grown exponentially, employing quite a few moderators and support staff that keeps everything humming. Cameron himself is still there and very active in the chatrooms, and he is generally the mind behind all of the educational resources.

In its current iteration, the website claims that they provide much needed content to more than half a million people, including active day traders and investors. The educational service is one that has received a decent amount of fanfare, racking up awards in 2016 and 2017 Bezinga Fintech Awards for being the best trading educator.

The program itself works in three different parts – a trading simulator, a chatroom, and trader education courses. Essentially, all of the information is focuses on low float momentum stocks and swing trading strategies.

The aim for Warrior Trading is to set potential traders up with the tools best used to be successful, as well as how to interpret data that they’d be seeing. The purpose being for traders to be able to look at a stock and know when you enter as well as when to exit.

In the event that the trader doesn’t know whether or not they’d like to jump right in, they allow one to dip their toes in from the help of the name of free day trading resources.

One of the better things about the service – specifically with their free resources – you understand essentially everything that you’ll get should you choose to subscribe (of which there are three levels) to Warrior Trading.


Features/Services of Warrior Trading

At current, we think that there are a few different features that are worth highlighting when it comes to Warrior Trading. They offer a lot when you sign up – or even if you don’t.


Day Trading Materials (Free!)

Warrior Trading offers both free and paid day trading materials. This comes in the form of a variety of techniques, tools, and strategies to inform the general public. Their stated purpose is to give back to the community of traders and those who may one day become them. As stated above, Warrior Trading provides this for people who want to just see what their program is like without having to shell out for the subscription.

These materials are generally free strategy summaries, a free day in their coveted chatroom, and a stock watchlist cultivated by Ross Cameron himself.

Day Trading Courses

Warrior also offers day trading courses as part of a subscription. There are three different models that are accessible via mobile, Windows or Mac devices. The first subscription level is called the Warrior Starter program. It starts at $997 and contains access to the chatroom, a core trading course, and a real-time trading simulator.

What we like about the Warrior Starter program is that it’s broken down into easy to understand terms and essentially sets up newbie traders with the building blocks needed for success.

The second level is Warrior Pro for $4,229. As you’d expect, it includes everything that’s found in Warrior Starter, though you get 3 months access as opposed to 1. It also comes with a personalized trade review by Cameron Ross, a 3x weekly mentorship program, and the Warrior Pro trading system.

The last is the Warrior Inner Circle. This level is invite-only and is generally only accessible to 100 traders for an entire calendar year, accessible only by an application.

Live (Paper) Trading Simulator

Warrior Trading also offers a paper trading simulator that has to be paid for separately or as a part of one of the subscription levels. It operates as a way for people to get comfortable with trading and some of the things to expect, ultimately being comfortable enough to risk their money.

Warrior Trading trusts their trading simulator so much that they don’t advise people to risk their actual money before they maintain some level of profitability with their trading simulator.

In any event, the trading simulator comes in three different varieties. The most popular of the tree is the $99 option It comes stock with 100k in simulated money, reporting, charting, and settings for quick orders, and real-time level 2.

Lastly, all of the trades are monitored – so if a trader is doing something that isn’t effective or plan wrong, they will receive some feedback as it’s happening. It allows students to really get a hold of what they’re seeing and how to get better.


Chat Room

Like the James Bond Picks program, the chat room is easily one of the most important features of Warrior Trading. Acting as a web conference for day trading, here is where plenty of people get the guidance they need to take their trading to the next level.

The chat room is very active and has generally over 1,000 different traders daily passing along tips, trade ideas, and more through the use of live audio. Moderators share their screens, charts, and scanners and people discuss the best moves to be made on a given stock. This includes 3 to 5 different stocks in the morning at the trade of the trading day at 9:30AM EST.

This is in addition to Ross’ own commentary on the market, a recap in the middle of the day, and a Q&A session once the trading day is done. What’s most interesting about the chat room is that if you consider Cameron’s advice invaluable, you can actually see him trade as the day progresses.

There are 3 different versions of the chat room as far as the price is concerned, with the most popular coming in just under $150 per month. This basic option allows for hot tips sent via SMS.


Feedback and User Experience

One of the better things about Warrior trading is that while they’re knowledgeable, all of the information they present is accessible because they break it all down in terminology that essentially anyone can understand.

The barrier for entry in trading can be a bit insurmountable because people are easily turned off when they’re inundated with terms they can’t understand. Warrior Trading fights to present this through their approach and their glossary that contains all of the popular terms in one place.

The moderation team and the staff also makes this popular with those in the know. They are generally good at motivating people who are both new and seasoned in day trading, allowing their time and energy to make other people successful in a business that they truly love.

They also have some of the best customer support available. They’re very helpful and are great at responding to inquiries – should you have any.


All in all, Warrior Trading is a decent resource for those looking to trade – whether you’ve been doing for a long time or you’re just starting off. They seemingly have everything that you could potentially be looking for bundled with some people who really want you to do well.

It should be said that it’s a decently expensive resource, making it a bit more difficult for new traders who generally only deal with a small allotment of money when they’re first starting off.

If a person can spare the expense, there aren’t many out there that come as highly reviewed as Warrior Trading.

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