Tradenet Review

Education and learning forms the backbone of any enterprise an individual is set on when it comes to investing his time, energy and capital. It is important that you know how and when to do certain things, as this will set you up for success. In the world of business, an undying wish to learn is a necessary quality of every trader.

This is why academies like Tradenet have come forward to provide its clients an opportunity to learn about stocks and trade from a seasoned professional.

Tradenet can adequately be referred to as an institution dedicated to the training of its clients. The lessons revolve around the buying and selling in the U.S. Stock Exchange Market.

Tradenet allows for sharing of revenue from a funded account, a number of significant courses and countless opportunities, such as a mentorship program and live trading chatroom.

Tradenet was founded in 2004 by Meir Barak, a professional day trader who is also a successful author after the release of his best-selling book “The Market Whisperer: A New Approach to Stock Trading.” At Tradenet, Barak is constantly assisted and kept up to date by a number of professional analysts whose insights and experience provide an authentic learning experience.

Today, it is claimed that Tradenet has trained over 30,000 traders over a 14 year period and as a result as a solid reputation in the industry.

Tradenet Analysis 

Tradenet is an online platform which offers  various levels of learning. It is exciting to be informed that Tradenet isn’t just an educational platform, it also includes tools and a live chatroom where students are offered the opportunity to interact with other learners, as well as mentors across the world. It also offers a funded account program.

 The Founder of Tradenet – Meir Barak


It is impossible to completely review Tradenet without being aware of its founder. Knowing the founder gives us an opportunity to understand the true philosophies of the platform.

Asides from being the face of TN and a professional day trader, Meir is also a reputable Wall Street Expert. He is also incredibly active on his  YouTube channel where he shares valuable tips and provides some valuable mentorship.

Today, Meir Barak is considered one of the leading traders in the game and his willingness to share his most profitable trading strategies to new traders has earned him an excellent reputation.

Tradenet’s First Time Offer

One of Tradenet’s most valuable offer begins as soon as a first time trader registers with them. An education and training package comes with a one-on-one mentoring, plus a two-week demo account which will be used for the training account.

To buttress this, every single individual is given unrestricted access to a live trading room which focuses on  day trading U.S. stocks. In this room, Meir Barak and other professional and renowned analysts and traders, and even the learning traders make live market calls. Of course this is usually after a thorough market analysis which you will see firsthand, learning exactly how the process is executed from start to finish.

Practice the Art of Trading 

At Tradenet, it is quite easy to become an independent trader. After every educational course, the client is given a demo account to trade with. After the demo has been used to effectively master the art of training, he or she is then given a nominally funded account which has Colmex Pro as its broker. At this point, clients can trade as long as they want without any initial deposits.

Tradenet Training Programs


At Tradenet, there are a range of programs available for students to pick from:

The Intro Program 

There is the Intro program which costs $500 and is the starting point for every student, no matter the program selected. It contains a self-study course which contains necessary videos and content for learning how to trade. It also gives you the opportunity to apply for a $14,000 funded sub-account.

Student Professional Program

One of the most popular programs is the Student Program which is popular because you don’t have to learn on your own like the Intro program. The Student program provides the following benefits:

  • Self-study course
  • Live trading chat room
  • Trading Book
  • Demo Training Account
  • Weekly Mentorship
  • Star Trader Course

Most notably, the Student Program qualifies you for application for an $80,000 funded sub-account. This enables you to start putting what you learn into practice immediately and you will get to keep up to 75% of the profits made from the funded account.

The Expert Professional Program

Moving forward, Tradenet offers the Expert Professional Program which is the package to transform your trading career into something bigger. It contains a detailed series of courses which are targeted towards calculated investment risks in various trading markets.  It contains everything the Student Program does, with the addition of the the Forex Trader course.

In this program, you are eligible to apply for a sub-account which contains over $160,000, and you can withdraw up to 80% of your profits.

The Pro Program

The Pro Program is the highest program in Tradenet. It costs around $9,000. In addition to everything else in the Expert course, this course provides you with the Top Trader Course which gives you the latest and best information needed to thrive in the market.


The Trading Chatroom

As previously mentioned, Tradenet boasts a chatroom which offers you the chance to meet other like-minded and experienced traders and as a result be armed with the latest information.

So how good is it?

From our experience Tradesnet Trading Chatroom is pretty active with thousands of members, the chatroom contains professional analysts and traders such as Meir Barak himself, Amir Barak, a Risk Management professional, Gil Paz, a German-speaking analyst and trainer, Scott Malatesta, the VP of Tradenet, and also Mike Orevi, an EU and US stocks specialist.

So as you can imagine it is pretty great place to hang around, enabling you to learn the trading strategies currently working for others and allows you to easily communicate with some of the industries top talent.

Any downsides?

Unfortunately, Tradenet do offer a free trial for their chatroom, which is great for people wanting to dip their toes before they commit, but this also means there quite a lot of commentary from novices. Therefore, if you’re looking for a place exclusively populated with experts, you might be in for quite an awakening.

Another disadvantage of the chatroom is that it costs a significant $399 per month. That means that it’s even more expensive that some other great trading chatrooms such as Bulls on Wall Street,  which we’ve used and reviews in previous posts.

Trading Strategies on Tradenet

Tradenet provides detailed tutorials on several marketing and trading strategies with a focus on the following:

1. Momentum Trading

A philosophy practiced and endorsed by the founder himself, momentum trading is all about making trading decisions based on the current and dominant market trends.

Some common stocks that are used with this strategy include IQ, CLP, GOOS, NFLX, DBX, PS, and BILI, as well as many more. So this strategy can easily be utilized with the stocks of your preference.

Since it attempts to move with current market trends, the hope is to see positive returns as a result.

Ultimately, this trading strategy isn’t for everyone. For instance, if you’re the type of trader that likes to be on the lookout for a sudden uptrend, then this strategy might not be for you.

2. Gap and Go Trading

Gap and Go trading is a strategy used by professional traders and as the name implies is all about looking for gaps in the market. Gaps are areas on your chart where stocks increase or decrease, even when there is limited to zero amounts of trading occurring.

Simply put, this type of movement is a good indicator that there is a gap in the price pattern. Savvy traders have become very good at picking this weak spots out and exploiting them to earn a profit. This is a strategy taught in some depth via the Trade Net Academy.

3. Consolidation Breakout

A breakout is another strategy that takes advantage of a psychological phenomenon by which the price action leaves the boundaries of consolidation in order foster a fresh price route.

In a consolidation breakout, a weak spot occurs when the price goes sideways e.g. ups and downs are the identical horizontal level. The Trade Net Academy teaches you exactly how to spot a false breakout from a strong gap breakout.

If done with the proper level of expertise, this strategy can be incredibly rewarding in terms of profitability.

Is Tradenet Worth the Investment?

The Tradnet platform offers a comprehensive collection series of books, videos and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to learn, grow and even trade with the aid of a live chatroom of like minded individuals. TN also has packages for all levels of traders, coupled with the interactive nature of the platform.

With that said, we believe the platform may be a little expensive for the average individual, however, for those with the budget it certainly offers a lot of value.


  • A high level of transparency in trading
  • They offer a free trial for their chatroom
  • In-depth and helpful training programs
  • Fast loading site that is mobile friendly
  • Additional YouTube content that provides extra hints and tips from experienced traders


  • Costly training packages & chatroom
  • Lack of evidence of the platforms success

Final Thoughts

Overall Tradenet is a superb trading academy for both novice and intermediate traders, mentors provide an in-depth and transparent learning experience with all the essential tools provided. The platforms biggest advantage is that students can learn  at their own speed and mentors are more than willing to accommodate this, they also provide you with their own well-tested trading strategies, providing a unique, step-by-step learning process.

Unfortunately, the TN platform is on the expensive side, so may not be the best choice for those on a budget. Yet, it’s a high quality program, providing a thorough, well-rounded training, so for those with the required budget is certainly worthwhile.

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