Timothy Sykes Review

Last Updated on February 2, 2020

Is Timothy Sykes or any of his stock trading affiliations authentic? It depends on who you ask and their point of view. For a trader who has successfully used one or several of Sykes’ stock trading formulas, Timothy is the best.

For any of his students who are living testimony that anybody can learn stock trading and make frequent trades a week, Timothy is a real game-changer. But for his haters—especially the ones that can’t stand his social media marketing antics—Timothy is nothing more than a two-bit millennial.

However, they say the proof is in the pudding, and Timothy Sykes has surely walked his talk when it comes to stock trading. Call him the father of penny stock shorting; the boy wonder who turned his bar mitzvah savings ($12415) into an excess of $5 million through stock trading.

Or the college kid who frequently cut philosophy and business classes while in university to sneak to his dorm room and make some stock trades. All these would be befitting titles that have earned Timothy Sykes nation-wide recognition in the US and across borders overseas. The highlights of his 20-year stock trading and training career thus far unfold as follows:

Who is Timothy Sykes?

timsykes-300x300Timothy is an average young man that came from a humble background and grew to be one of the most notable faces in stock day trading. He is famously known for trading penny stocks as these are the financial securities that have enabled him to amass significant wealth.

With more riches came more financial muscle to re-invest into the stock trading community, which Timothy did wholeheartedly. Today, Mr. Sykes runs several entrepreneurial ventures that revolve around stock trading, virtual training sessions (both recorded and live), and a bunch of online stock trading resources and tools.

Timothy Sykes Services/Programs

Numbers always tell a story, and they don’t lie. It’s easy for a ‘stock trading guru’ to ask you for $100 a month to teach you how to trade stocks without showing you success stories of stock trading trainees before you.

That’s why Timothy Sykes uses the tried and true social proof technique to draw a large following. He further converts most of the fans into clients who he teaches professional stock trading ways. A few of his students, such as Michael Goode, have replicated the trading strategies and went on to reap millions straight out of Wall Street.

Timothy Sykes offers:


Chat Rooms

In case you have been following stock trading software, you must have noticed the gradual but steady increase in the use of stock trading chat rooms. To sum it in one statement, trading chat rooms are like instant messaging apps used exclusively by stock traders.

Timothy Sykes and co-moderators (among them, stock training alumnus, Michael Goode) are the brains behind a stock trading chat room that members can access through the web portal, Profit.ly.

The idea behind the chat room is to have communities of stock traders enrolled in either of the different Timothy Sykes training courses to communicate about stock trading moves. And discuss issues surrounding stock trading.

The stock traders also get several trading alerts from time to time based on the actual entry positions that Tim or his pro-trading moderators take. If you are a member and eligible to get the alerts, you can get them via phone and email notifications. Acting right after you receive the trading signals will enable you to jump on Timothy’s trade while the stocks are still in play.

However, for good measure, don’t blindly trade solely based on an alert without understanding the underlying psychology. With several thousand active day traders in the chat room at any given time, it can be a bit messy, so use the turn off non-moderator chats feature to maintain a clean inbox.

Trading Courses


Besides a vault of valuable and weekly updated stock trading videos, Timothy Sykes offers several online trading programs. They are:

  1. PennyStocking Part Deux
  2. Tim Raw
  3. Spikeability
  4. TimFundamentals
  5. Learn Level 2
  6. TimTactics
  7. Read SEC Filings
  8. ShortStocking

Time Alerts ($74.95 per month)

Premium members enjoy chat room access, daily watchlists, entry and exit point alerts as well as push notifications. Seasoned traders with a firm grasp of technical indicators and trading terminology stand to gain more by relying on signals. But that level of sophistication may be too much for a newbie.

PennyStocking Silver (149.95 per month)

Join the ultimate penny stock trading guide and leverage Tim Alerts, access to over 4000 elaborate trading video tutorials, and weekly live streams that provide a breakdown of recent chat room trades.

Millionaire Challenge

For $5,000 a year, Timothy offers you PennyStocking Silver, Tim Alerts, and all the other major courses. Plus, you can privately contact Timothy or one of his representatives for a one-on-one live webinar.

Profit.ly Online Trading Platform

Profit.ly is a two-in-one type of service. You can either buy Timothy’s service packages (Alerts, PennyStocking, or Tim’s Challenge) or enter chat rooms, to verify trades, while leveraging expert market analysis.

Or, you can subscribe to separate Sykes’ partner courses, alerts, and chat rooms, which focus on small capitalization and penny stocks. As a Profit.ly member, you have the autonomy to follow, share, and comment on messages by other traders all in search of nuggets of stock trading wisdom.


  • In comparison to other traders, Timothy’s plans are relatively cheaper except for Tim’s Challenge
  • The use of market-tested penny stock trading policies
  • Robust online marketing campaigns
  • Web and mobile-based real-time trading alerts (meaning emails, SMSs, and push notifications)
  • Adequate support from chat room moderators during active trading hours
  • Plenty of useful training videos


  • Timothy Sykes is barely available for direct contact except for stock traders on the Tim’s Challenge package
  • A flashy lifestyle could do him more harm than good by portraying the wrong image of an extravagant young entrepreneur

Is Tim Sykes a Scam or Genuine?

Timothy Sykes is an outdoorsy person. And you can tell that by the multiple pictures, he likes to take chilling in his sports cars, out on travel adventures, and luxury spending. How exactly does posing for a selfie with stacks of dollar bills in hand encourage one to be a day trader?

It doesn’t because it’s gimmicky marketing to rope in potential clients. Once you realize that Sykes is a day trader and recall you have idle cash sitting somewhere, the idea of investing in stocks and getting free essential advice isn’t far-fetched.

Final Verdict

The numerous TV appearances and interviews with CNN, CNBC, New York Times, Bloomberg, and other big-time news websites must count for something. It’s unlikely that Forbes—the same guys that feature an annual list of 30 under 30 best performers in different fields—would associate with Timothy Sykes if he were a scammer.

Moreover, most penny stocks trade at over-the-counter markets at $5 or less. At that market price, they’re more likely than not wildly volatile with wide bid-ask spreads. An entire penny stock portfolio can come down crashing overnight. It’s very similar to Stocks to Trade in this way.

Timothy Sykes has since cracked the code that is penny stock trading profitability and has a 20-year plus resume to prove it. Give him a chance. Use his free video explanations and other publicly available training material, and you won’t have to part with a single dime if you don’t like what you see.

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