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Last Updated on December 19, 2019

Beating the stock market isn’t a feat that day-traders manage to achieve often. How many times have you been cautioned against timing and gaming the market? However, when you combine the advice of an investment planner, your technical and fundamental analysis skills, and informational resources such as StocksToTrade, you can never say never.

You have probably come across a few stock analysis tools throughout your trading business or side hustle. Stock trading software ranges from standalone stock screeners and scanners to charting software, and level 1 or 2 stock quotes.

Several stockbrokers have one or two of these stock evaluation programs integrated into them. But it’s hard to find a one-size-fits-all kind of software, and that’s where StocksToTrade comes in with its abundance of stock assessment features.


What is StocksToTrade?

In comparison to other stock trading software, StocksToTrade is a fully-loaded online stock trading assistant that offers a wide range of stock finding techniques. It’s the system to go for if you’re looking for basics such as beginner stock market knowledge and training on stock trading.

And once you learn the stock trading essentials, the platform has an inbuilt paper trader that you can use to practice stock trading strategies. Other attributes that StocksToTrade has included the ability to scan and screen stocks, chart your preferred equity securities and create a watch list to keep tabs on.

StocksToTrade is also a one-stop-shop for a bunch of crucial stock market information. Subscribers get access to both level 1 and 2 stock quotes, real-time price and volume movements, and actual fundamental updates as financial news roll in. Moreover, traders can convene in a chat room to exchange ideas and bounce around stock trading questions and answers.

The software is cloud-based, meaning you can only sign up and log into your account via a web portal. Given this mode of operation, StocksToTrade is still in line with current on-the-go stock trading trends as most handheld devices, especially mobile phones and tablets, are internet enabled.

Who Is Behind StocksToTrade?

If you’re familiar with Timothy Sykes’ journey from hobby stock trading to pro-trader, you must have heard of his significant success and contribution to the world of stock trading. Before the idea of StocksToTrade came to life, Timothy has pioneered a handful of stock trading movements.

They include the renowned Trading Challenge, the social stock trading community, and wholesome financial markets, products, and intermediaries (brokers, analysts, etc.)  Review the website Investimonials.

So, to have Timothy Sykes co-sign a platform such as StocksToTrade is a big deal. It’s safe to say that the web-based platform is a stock trading tool built by an accomplished trader for traders.


The StocksToTrade software is a multipurpose stock trading engine. You can think of its various features as individual modules that make up one near- comprehensive stock trading tool. The characteristic elements of StocksToTrade include:


Stock Oracle

Stock markets are one of the largest financial markets there is compared to the other financial instruments. In US stock exchanges alone, hundreds of thousands of stock trades happen by close of market each day.

The whole idea behind a stock trading software is to enable traders to trim down the multitude of potential stock trades available by cutting down the entire stock market to a basket of stock trades. Institutional traders use black-box trading systems that use powerful algorithms to track promising stocks and complete the trades instantaneously.

The average trader can’t afford these robust algorithm systems that cost upwards of several hundred thousand dollars. Luckily StocksToTrade comes in to even out the playing field. Through the Oracle module, the StocksToTrade software enables traders to use pre-installed stock trading plans, for instance, the biggest gainers in the past 72 hours or by a $20 and over the price increase.

Oracle can do a lot more with its pre-programmed and market-tested winning stock trading strategies. In a nutshell, Oracle is a proprietary algorithm that finds you suitable stocks to trade.

The main objective is to find stocks that could be in play by using the algorithm to predict stocks likely to have capital gains automatically. And the probable upward or downward price movement of a stock.

It’s like a stock trade idea generator. It continuously gives you a different stock trading strategy. Plus, it also helps you crack ‘stock codes’ (so to speak) in terms of deciphering–in the best way possible–how the stock will behave in the next couple of minutes, hours, or days.

Paper Trading

In real sense, markets are efficient, and stock trading strategies can never be precise. You win on some trades; you lose on some. The paper trading module is the closest you can come to perfect your strategy. And the best part: you get to put your trading style to work for as many times as you want without having to risk a dollar of your hard-earned investment capital.

Paper trading is the equivalent of a demo account on online stockbroker software. It’s suitable for novice traders. It serves as a value-adding stock trading simulator with identical ticker symbols, stock size and position control buttons, and limit and market order adjustments.

Experience stock traders looking to iron out a trading strategy can also make use of paper trading. A stock trader who, for example, specializes in shorting stocks, can use paper trading for back testing the efficacy of that trading policy.

It’s wise to use a stockbroker such as Interactive Brokers, which is compatible with the StocksToTrade software, to check whether a particular ticker has stocks available for shorting. If possible, the trader can use the virtual account balance to see how the shorting policy fairs and track the paper trade before putting up real money.


The market is full of stock charting software. Give yourself a competitive edge by using the stock charting tools on StocksToTrade. Unlike basic charts, most traders are accustomed to, StocksToTrade has a wide range of stock indicators to plot different types of charts, among them:

  • Japanese candlesticks
  • Line and bar charts
  • Timed frames (ranging from a minute to monthly time intervals)

You can chart stocks using the already crucial built-in stock indicators such as pivot points, Bollinger bands, moving averages etc. And a host of whichever combination of technical and fundamental indicators you can drum up. All the charts have interactive components. It’s possible to personalize the charts by drawing and changing the colors of the indicators to achieve varying graphical presentations.


Stock Scanner and Screener

By definition, stock scanners and screeners are tools designed to assist traders in finding potentially profitable stocks. Scanners use real-time information while screeners use delayed data. They work by using a set of fixed or customizable indicators or sorting criteria to find your ideal stocks and execute your trading strategy immediately.

While stock scanners and screeners aren’t new in stock trading, most stock analysis software has only one of the two. And in cases where a particular platform has both, StocksToTrade still rules. That’s because it has an extensive pool of indicators to choose from and enough room for numerous customization scenarios.

In addition to hundreds of pre-programmed stock scans taken from successful traders, you can use 50 custom trade builders using both technical and fundamental indicators. Here are a few examples of criteria items used to build stock trades:

  • Percentage price change
  • Number of times a stock has traded
  • Float levels
  • Earnings per share
  • Relative strength index
  • Fibonacci Retracement for Support and Resistance levels
  • Periodic upticks and downticks, etc.

Statistical processes for analyzing stocks can be complicated. Why not take the short but safe route and have a stock portfolio template in a matter of minutes?

Level 1 and 2 Stock Quotes

Stock quotes are all about actual price and volume information of exchange-listed equity securities. Stock quotes can be farther broken down to volume traded, bid and ask prices, opening and closing prices, and last traded prices.

Level 2 quotes (current optimal buying and selling prices created by market makers) tend to be better than level 1 quotes—best bid offers as per financial service firms. StocksToTrade provides both categories of stock data (although Level 2 is optional) for all US stocks in a timely fashion.

The data is crucial for implementing the best execution prices on your stock trades. It also acts as a hedge against negative slippage (bid/ask spread changes while a stock trade is underway) that can set you back several cents per share, which can accumulate pretty fast.


Live Twitter and News Updates

StocksToTrade has supporting technology that enables the software to scour Twitter feeds, looking for tickers in on-going virtual conversations. Traders can then make sense of the information before initiating any moves.

It’s important to note that not all fundamental economic, industry/sector and company information affects stocks. You’ll need to be sophisticated with the surveillance of the stocks on your watch list to not jump the gun by trading on a mere hot market tip.

The information that triggers you to execute a stock trade must be a solid lead substantial enough to warrant a change in stock position.

For this reason, StocksToTrades’s one-of-a-kind news screener comes in handy, seeing as timely and accurate market information is a critical part of stock trading. The news scanner filters information based on price and volume action, keywords, and other criteria to find actionable news from the likes of Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Journal, and MSN Money.

Some pieces of news only because of a tad bit percentage change in stocks. With the ability to filter live news updates, you can find information worthy of making a stock trade instead of solely relying on a hunch.

Use this approach can help you narrow down to select stocks that could potentially move 10, 20, 50 percent plus in price change. It’s better than skimming through dozens of news editorials and articles from news websites and other sources. Only StocksToTrade has this feature at the moment.

StocksToTrade University

StocksToTrade is a complicated software but also very easy to use once you catch the gist of its features.  The university is a learning center with easy to understand video tutorials that give you step-by-step instructions on how to use the StocksToTrade software.

The interactive lessons are available to every subscriber and accessible at any time from the StocksToTrade telnet servers. New traders can learn to trade instantly, and start entering and exiting stock positions by the following day.

Stockbroker Integration

Imagine using a tool such as AlgoTrader or Meta trader 4/5 that integrates with your favorite stockbroker’s online software, but more stable and with additional stock trading features. That’s what you get as soon as you start your membership with StocksToTrade.

The StocksToTrade software can fully harmonize several stockbroker platforms into its dynamic stock trading features. The integrable stockbroker software includes:

  • Tradier Brokerage
  • Just2Trade
  • Robinhood
  • Ally Invest
  • Interactive Brokers and,
  • Capital One (a subsidiary of E*TRADE)


Subscription and Pricing

StocksToTrade allows users a 14-day trial period, which costs $7. If the performance and features suit your stock trading needs, you can sign up for the monthly plan, open an account, and start trading straight away.

The monthly-billed plan costs $179.95 and gives you unlimited access to the StocksToTrade software and University. You save cost on the other plan; however, the terms include a one-time annual payment of $1899.95 ($250 off compared to the monthly plan).

If you go for the annual plan, you’ll be purchasing access to the StocksToTrade software and:

  • Oracle Daily Direction Alerts – entry and exit points on the most promising stocks of the day
  • A premium Tip Ranks plan – for verifying information from analysts and finance bloggers
  • General chat – StocksToTrade chat channel
  • Level 2 market depth

Also available is a separate training course–StocksToTrade Pro–that you can only get the pricing particulars to after you upgrade from the trial period. Integrating any of the compatible stockbroker platforms will cost an additional flat fee of $14.99 per month. On the bright side, you get to enjoy unlimited commission-free stock trading.

Pros of StocksToTrade

  • A pleasant user interface and experience
  • The tools and features place it on the top tier of premium stock trading software
  • It’s a perfect match for day and swing traders
  • It’s essential for pro-traders and beginners (due to paper trading) as well
  • Prioritizes flexibility and customization
  • No need for a mobile or desktop application: you only need a web browser and internet connectivity to access your account


  • Both plans are expensive, especially for newbies
  • You must pay $7 to try out the monthly offer plan.
  • It’s only available on Windows and Mac systems
  • It requires a high-speed internet connection; the system may drag at speeds below 10Mbps in download


Is This Platform Worth the Price?

It depends on who you ask. The pros outweigh the cons, so that’s one reason to give it a thumbs up. StocksToTrade is feature-rich and can potentially improve your stock trading prowess. But take it slow; give it a 14-day test run and then decide whether to onboard it as part of your stock trading tools or not.

StocksToTrade is an excellent software an all, but that membership price point can be a hindrance to most stock traders. In case you’re in the same boat, know that there’re cheaper alternatives to StocksToTrade. Others, such as TradeNet, Finviz and TradingView, have a free and premium membership. The premium plans come with additional features, but you’ll be fine using it as a freebie.


Despite the all-inclusive approach that StocksToTrade takes in identifying high-value stocks and suggesting trading styles, your input as the trader is still crucial. A tool only gives you information based on the instructions you give it. It’s upon you to act on that information. Dismissing the information on account of your intuition is also a course of action.

If you’re a stock trader looking for multiple trading tools in one software, StocksToTrade fits the bill. Between the proprietary algorithm and up to the minute stock quotes, it’ll give you more than enough leverage to supercharge your stock trades. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection. More importantly, earn enough to cover the cost of running a StocksToTrade account.

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