Online Trading Academy Review

Last Updated on February 2, 2020

Online Trading Academy Review

About the Online Trading Academy

As someone who didn’t believe in being a passive investor, Eval Shahar went into the importation of diamond and had a successful stint. After a few years of success, Shahar decided to leave this business and go into day trading, where he would collaborate with several traders in a bid to invest the capital he had saved through his import business. Of course, not every day went as smooth as they wanted.

So, at the end of each trading day, they would sit together to share the events of the day, discussing their mistakes and how they would have gone about it instead. This collective learning procedure gave birth to an idea from Shahar.

He discovered that a lot of the traders left after a while to invest their money successfully, and this led to the birth of the Online Trading Academy in 1997 in Irvine, California. He realized how much he was good at teaching people how to trade rather than running his day trading floor.

Therefore, Online Trading Academy became a learning center that focuses on educating the average individual investor on how to trade successfully and become the professional they want to be. So far, since inception, the Online Trading Academy has moved on to several more locations around the world, including Mumbai and Singapore.

Course Curriculum Structure:

California remains the corporate headquarters of Online Trading Academy, and every location operates as an individually owned franchise that gets support from the headquarters. However, the foundation of the Online Trading Academy curriculum is the elementary lessons generated from every teaching session at the end of a trading day.

Their courses cut across a diversified range, including lessons on financial instruments such as forex, stocks, and foreign currency. This is also backed up by the urge for caution by investment professionals as they are aware that losses could be steep.

The Online Trading Academy focuses on long-term income and wealth generation by teaching students how to study the trading market while being an active trader and make the right decisions over time.

This is in tandem with their trading style. For their trading style, the Online Trading Academy focuses on technical analysis more than fundamental analysis. They believe in helping you spot the classic patterns with their patented indicators. With this, you will be able to make spot-on trading decisions.

Trading Styles

The Online Trading Academy believes in incorporating different trading styles to match your preference. These trading styles include:

Intra-Day Scalping 

If you are the type of trader who is curious about learning all the rudiments of this industry and don’t mind waking up early in the morning to scout for trades, then yes, you need the Online Trading Academy. Because they are open to a diverse range of trading styles, you would find that this is the top choice for intra-day scalping. With this, you would be looking out for trades daily until you find the one that lets you hit the Take Profit (TP) level before the end of the day.

Multi-Day Swing Trading

If you are the type of trader who likes to hold on to trades for more than a day or two, then the Online Trading Academy will work just fine for you as well. Known as the multi-day swing trading, you will be scouring the markets in search of potential breakout points. Of course, you will be doing this with the right amount of guidance and training from the investment professionals at the Online Trading Academy.

Long-Term Investments 

Finally, if you are that type of trader that would instead opt for long-term investments, you are not left out. The Online Trading Academy doesn’t rule out the potential of making long-term investments. This is why there is a wealth solution in their training package equipped with strategies that will help you do this the right way.

Courses Available 

Free Introductory Classes 

The first step of incorporating you into the Online Trading Academy learning curve is inviting you to a class that lasts for about half a day. You will be paying absolutely nothing for this class. However, while some may see it as just a marketing strategy with nothing concrete being taught, others see it as a great source of inspiration that encourages them to set aside those final lingering doubts.

Filling the Questionnaire 

After the free class, attendees will be given a questionnaire form to fill. This questionnaire contains basic questions designed to get an idea about your income potential, long-term goals, and your budget. Whatever responses you give in this questionnaire will determine whether you will be given a discount on the Mastermind Community package, which is the ultimate learning class.

Core Strategy Course 

The first real class is tagged “Core Strategy.” For three days, you will be attending a session that focuses on support and resistance analysis. This class, which goes for $300 plus tax, could be tagged as a foundational class as it is meant to equip you with the skills needed to survive the advanced training class. The Online Trading Academy believes in creating a solid foundation with which you can build on as you become more knowledgeable in this field of trading. Seasoned traders may decide to skip this.

Remote Online Classes

For those constrained by distance but who still wish to learn what it takes to become a professional trader, the Online Trading Academy remote online classes is a fantastic option. With the online class, you will be trained by a live instructor who will show you live charts and notes on his screen.

With this, all attendees will have the necessary materials at hand and will be able to follow up like in a real classroom situation. There is an opportunity to communicate and ask questions through the chat platform. This feature is very similar to what Warrior Trading offers.

XLT Courses

After taking the Core Strategy course, you can decide to extend your learning by taking the XLT courses. XLT, which stands for Extended Learning Track, combines both remote and on-location methods of learning. It consists of interactive training sessions where you practically apply principles learnt during the Core Strategy course. This includes principles on futures market, forex and stocks.

Speciality Courses 

Another course on the Online Trading Academy menu is the Specialty Courses. Having been giving the necessary briefing in the Core Strategy class, you will be asked to pick the Wealth Solution or Income Solution course.

Each session has a list of courses to select under them, but you won’t be confused about which to pick as you would already have a fair idea of your goals with this class. The downside is that the pricing may be a little steep for a lot of people as the cheapest class is $5000. If you decide to opt for the Pro Trader + XLT course, you will be required to pay $8,000 for this 7-day class.

Mastermind Community

The last stage is being a part of the Mastermind Community. Based on performance, you will be selected to join the Mastermind Community. Those who fail the courses are given a chance to retake them at no extra fee. To be a part of the Mastermind Community, you would have to pay $25,000 or $15,000 plus $5,000 for the successive years. The Online Trading Academy allows you to pay in instalments for this.


  • Detailed classes which can be taken online or on-location
  • If you can’t afford to pay for the courses at once, you are allowed to pay in bits and will be given discounts if necessary
  • They are open to different styles of trading
  • Participants are learning from a platform with years of experience


  • Courses are expensive

All in all, we believe that being a part of the Online Trading Academy is not a bad idea if you count out the cost.

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