James Bond Picks Review

Last Updated on December 6, 2019

Jason Bond Picks functions as a trade alert service focusing on small caps and penny stocks that consists of a chatroom. In this chatroom, subscribers receive as much as twenty intra-day trade alerts and up to ten swing trade alerts weekly. The daily profit goal is usually not less than $500, while the annual profit target hits $100,000. However, you can only have access to this trade alert service by subscribing.

Jason Bond Picks also markets training programs. There is also a trading newsletter delivered weekly via email and text messenger, which combines about two swing trades and as much as three long-term trades. The day trading/swing trading service is available at a quarterly rate of $399. However, as they offer no trial periods or refunds regardless of the membership plan you pick, a lot of users may feel a little skeptical about signing up. However, it is mostly worth it in the end.


How to access Jason Bond Picks

To gain access to the services offered by Jason Bond Picks, visit jasonbondpicks.com. On the site, you will be welcomed with lots of written testimonials, endorsements, videos, and success stories. This is intended at convincing site visitors of the validity of their service, and it is safe to say that it is quite useful, especially after listening to some of the celebrity endorsements, including that of Frank Mir, a former UFC champion and Jose Conseco. As soon as you register for any membership plan, you will be exposed to the necessary training materials, including webinars and videos.

How Jason Bond Picks Works

What could be considered the powerhouse of Jason Bond Picks is Raging Bull, the brand in which it operates under. This is a marketing powerhouse that has made a massive name in the world of stock picks and online trading education. Raging Bull was co-founded by Jason Bond, who heads the swing trading division and Jeff Bishop, who runs the options trading division. Together, with the help of numerous trainers who are experienced in a variety of trading styles, they set about training subscribers on all things penny stocks.

Jason Bond’s Trading Strategy

The trading strategy employed by Jason Bond is to research swing trading lower-priced stocks and release a few stocks picks weekly. Before 2017, a significant feature of Jason Bond Picks was the chatroom. It was a large part of their services and moderated by Jason Bond, Luke Murray, and Bart Van Hol. Among themselves, they taught about watchlist stocks, scalp trades on penny stocks, and swing trade alerts.

This was moderated using color coding and differentiating their comments from that of their members. While Luke and Bart managed the regular membership room, Jason Bond was mostly in the chatroom for the Millionaire Roadmap program. The Millionaire Roadmap program is a service that combines all the Jason Bond Picks services into an annual package. It comes with perks, including exclusive access to the VIP chatroom, the live brokerage platform, training webinars, and information on TopStockPicks ETF services.


However, this costs a whopping $9,999 annually and does seem like this is where it all happens. In recent times, the chatroom has ceased to be a significant part of the services offered by Jason Bond Picks, especially as Bart is no longer an active contributor, and Luke Murray left to start his service. Now, the company focuses on stock picks and trading education. Jason Bond researches stock picks and sends them to his subscribers every week while they follow it up.

Jason Bond Membership plans

Just like a lot of other trading programs, Jason Bond Picks has its membership plan in tiers.

Basic membership plan

The Basic membership plan gives subscribers instant access to hundreds of videos and webinars, which can be viewed on the website. If you wish to get more courses, this can be purchased individually or in bundles. The basic membership costs $1,497 annually.

Millionaire Roadmap program

Above the basic membership plan is the Millionaire Roadmap program. This is more expensive, but it offers a lot more exclusive access to resources. The Millionaire Roadmap program gives access to hundreds of courses, videos, and live webinars. The millionaire roadmap program costs $9,999.

Training method

Like any of the best day trading books cover, Jason Bond Picks incorporates the use of video lessons accompanied by mini-courses to teach traders the basics of swing trading and penny stocks. With video lessons, you will be exposed to technical analysis of various trading strategies and how to implement them. Beginners will find this useful as a lot of the courses are specifically targeted at them.

Other categories

  • Daily Watch Lists – this is a watch list of Jason’s favorite stocks every day
  • SMS alerts – messages for both buy and sell orders are sent in the form of SMS alerts
  • Email alerts – these alerts are targeted at keeping subscribers informed via mail

Can you make enough to cover subscription costs?

Since Jason Bond pays attention to both winning and losing trades, the alerts are quite useful. The expensive nature of Jason Bond Picks’ services could make it hard for traders to make back their subscription costs from just the stock picks. However, achieving the returns necessary to make up the cost of the subscription is not impossible. It is, however, not easy.


What Type of Trader is the Service Best For?

Jason Bond Picks is now actively involved in swing trading with more resources available for active day traders. This suggests that the service is perfect for new traders who wish to get value related to stock alerts and training education. However, the discouragement is the price tag, which is quite steep for both basic membership and millionaire program.



  • Daily, subscribers are exposed to a large number of trade ideas to get them through the day
  • Resources are in surplus, with a vast video library featuring lots of trading lessons
  • Users tend to enjoy substantial percentage gains for each winning alert
  • The informative newsletter that keeps you knowledgeable



  • Taking Jason Bond Picks courses is quite expensive, especially the Millionaire Roadmap program
  • There is the possibility of taking up risky penny stocks which could leave you hanging
  • No chance to test out the efficiency of the services as there is no trial period
  • No itemized daily trades to show winners and losers

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