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Last Updated on May 11, 2020

If asked what a stock is, most budding stock traders will reply: “part ownership of a publicly traded company.” Stock trading is probably the most pronounced form of financial securities investments. That’s because of the numerous stock markets across the globe and the ease of buying and selling shares on stock exchanges. It’s also relatively easy to learn and execute stock trades on online stock trading platforms.

When it comes to learning about stocks, you have several options at your disposal. You can opt to take a professional class in stock trading in a business school. Or you can find free resources online to help you sail through the world of stock trading.

Age is not an issue either. Young adult’s fresh out of college can learn about stocks and take up stock trading as an additional income stream early on in their careers. Older citizens, too, can get stock trading education and use those skills to trade stocks with part of their IRA and ($401) k contributions.

Consider the suggestions below for your free stock trading courses.

Stock Trading Courses on Free Online Education Sites

If you have been to college, then you must have seen the distant learning program. Well, free online education sites work similarly. The tutors primarily run courses in different disciplines that you can access on the web-based platforms and mobile/device interfaces.

As a student, you sign up and create a learner’s account and immediately access the learning material. The courses come at no cost, but some of the sites are run independently and charge a small fee to issue certificates. The funds gathered help to maintain such websites on the interweb.

Among the most popular free online educational sites are Alison, Khan Academy, and Coursera. Other notable websites that have affiliations with well-established brick-and-mortar tertiary institutions include:

  1. Stanford Online – Stanford University
  2. edX – Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Harvard Extension – Harvard Business School
  4. Open Yale Courses – Open Yale University

Once you create an account on the above platforms, visit the business or finance portal and search for free courses on stocks, stock exchanges, and stock trading.

1. The Trader Academy offers this free stock trading course. It’s a pretty comprehensive course for a free stock education resource. They have already served over twenty-five thousand students, and this free course covers everything from Fundamental analysis to technical analysis and trading tips.

You’re guaranteed to learn how to find the best stocks to trade in using stock screeners and stock earning performance. The course is structured into ten modules and uses informative videos and e-books. The tutors even go to the length of providing product reviews on charting tools and stock trading platforms.

2. Investool by TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is already a trusted stock trading platform and home to millions of professional traders. Investool, their online-based class, packs a punch. Its myriad of stock trading content is well laid out into lesson plans. The learning tool has lots of quizzes for your ongoing evaluation and a final exam to test your stock trading IQ.

Your performance at every stage registers and backs up to a database, meaning you can always revisit for clarification or resume from the previous point in case you log off. Support material includes articles, videos, webinars, and webcasts.

3. Big Shot Online Video Training

Head on over to to learn three types of stock trading. One is intra-day trading, where you learn tactics and strategies to trade stocks daily. You get analysis skills to pick the right stock, read and interpret charts. You also get equipped with market psychology insights to overcome day trading pressures and become a “big shot trader” yourself.

The other is swing trading. You learn how to do mid-term stock trading—stock trading. Tutors teach you how to spot the best stocks for swing trading. At this point, you also get exposed to best practice stock trading planning and trading platforms.

Finally, you get taught the basics of long term stock investment and trading—value investing. It entails how to identify the best stock candidates for investing for several weeks or years.

Big Shot claims they can teach you either of these trading methods in just three months. They have a trading community and Facebook group where members can ask questions and exchange stock trading ideas. They also have a trading room where you get a chance to see live professional trading by a Big Shot team member and an analysis of the trades at the close of the market/trading hours.

Best Free Stock Trading Courses Online

4. Trading Campus

The Trading Campus is the recourse to check out for a simplified introduction to the stock trading. The smart use of detailed notes and infographics ushers learners to equity markets. The course details the primary and secondary markets and the activities that happen in both.

The course does an excellent job of explaining financial planning and risk management before proceeding on to the seven-day class schedule. Educational information on other securities (mutual funds and derivatives) is part of the course, and you’ll have to skip to the portion that focuses on stocks to save time. All the case scenarios draw examples from the stock market of India.

Free Membership on Paid Online Stock Trading Course Platforms

If you have plans to join a paid stock trading course, this trick can turn out to be an ingenious idea. Think of premium stock trading courses such as those offered by the likes of:

  • Investors Underground
  • Warrior Trading
  • Day Trading Academy and
  • Online Trading Academy

Investors Underground charge a fixed rate of up to $197 for Standard membership and $297 for Elite membership every month. At the online trading academy, you’ll have to raise upwards of $500 depending on the stock trading course structure you choose. However, these platforms have a free membership that comes with valuable freebies such as newsletters and free online classes for a limited period. You can enjoy the free offerings while making plans to pay for the full course in the future.

Stock trading is an invaluable skill to learn for any up and coming financial markets investor. It plays a significant role in laying the foundation for you to venture into hybrid securities once you’re an expert in stocks. You can reinforce your stock trading knowledge from free online courses by reading stock trading books and articles, opening a demo online trading account to front test your strategies, and following successful stock traders.

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