What Stocks to Buy in 2014?

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A few stocks that could run in 2014.

What to buy after the major indexes have ripped 30%+?  Stick with the best via Apple (AAPL) and take a look at a few stocks under $10 like Nokia (NOK).

What other stocks could have a bullish run in 2014 and are under $5 and $10. The list is out and we believe the best picks are Glu Mobile (GLUU), Nokia (NOK), and Sirius XM (SIRI). Both SIRI and GLUU are in the $3 range and Nokia is at $8 and change.  

The list comes from Yahoo Finance and can be read here.  Of the three we would go with in order of buying preference: NOK, SIRI, GLUU.  


Nokia came back from the dead this year and landing the deal with Microsoft (MSFT).  After becoming the key supplier of Windows Phone software, Microsoft and Nokia struck a deal in September in which Microsoft would purchase Nokia's famous handset business for $7.2 billion in cash.  Nokia's shares went from $4 to $5 overnight and since that time it's rallied to $8.  


Got $500 a share to spend?  Then go with Apple Inc (AAPL).

Apple will continue to climb thanks to China Mobile (CHL) and the upcoming Apple product line (iPhone 6, new iPads, iWatch - rumored, iTV - rumored).  Buy this stock for your children if not for your own portfolio.  Apple and Google (GOOG) are going to run/power the world in the near future, they already do.