Walter White lives on in the Movies?

Breaking Bad - Drying Money (Walter White)

Hell to the Yes.

At the end of the new GODZILLA movie the awesome tribute can been seen.

For those jonesing to relive Breaking Bad you are in luck.  AMC is running all the episodes this weekend.  AMC announced today that it has slated a binge-a-thon of all 62 episodes of the Emmy-winning drug drama for later this summer. Beginning Aug. 10, the show will air every Sunday night from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. before wrapping up on Oct. 5 with the series finale. 

Now the hat tip to --

Bryan Cranston recently stared in the new GODZILLA movie.  In the credits, words appear around the cast and crew, which are quickly covered up with white tape. In Cranston's case, the tape covers up the surrounding words, but briefly left Walter White on screen for just a moment. 

walter white in the movies