TechCrunch's 35 Best iPhone Apps (All Links Provided on One Page Article)

lego steve jobs iphoneTechCrunch's Alex Ahlund wrote a story about the 35 best apps (applications) for Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone this week at the Washington Post.  Needless to say is causing quite a stir and is free advertising for Apple and the iPhone (like they need any).  Oh, and that list, we got that here as well and you won't have to click thru 10 pages to read the list, how about just one page with all 35 apps.

We are just past of a year since the App Store launched and there are more than 60,000 applications released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In early June 2009, the store reached 50,000 apps. At present, we are looking at a staggering 300 new applications being released every single day.

According to Alex Ahlund, here are the 35 best iPhone apps:

1. Slacker Radio

A fantastic alternative to Pandora, which carries a larger catalog and offers Premium accounts that offers something we?ve always loathed about Pandora ? unlimited song skips. (Similar: Pandora, WunderRadio,


2. Hey Where Are You

A beautifully simple application that takes advantage of Push Notification, by letting users ask and answer the question ?Hey, Where Are You?? (Similar: Loopt)

3. Textfree Unlimited


Currently the best alternative to high SMS plan costs, offering free text messaging using Push Notification.


4. Bento

Create simple databases to store information about every aspect of your life.

5. TweetDeck

Our new, favorite Twitter client that takes advantage of the same layout as its desktop counterpart ? multiple columns, separation of user groups, and more. (Similar: Tweetie, Twinkle, TwitterFON)

6. Print and Share

Print files, emails, web pages, contacts, images and even snapshots direct from your camera, straight to your home printer. Simple setup and works perfectly.

7. Flight Tracker

Watch flights in real-time and get up-to-the-minute arrival and departure times. This has saved me countless delayed pick-ups from the airport.


8. Read It Later

Store any web page for offline reading or to mark as a reminder to read. A bit tricky to setup at first, but it will quickly replace bookmarking for articles.


9. iEmoji

Activate emoticons in your keyboard to include in emails and text messages. Works only for iPhones, but the end reader does not need the app to see emoticons in your texts.

10. Birthday Reminder

Rarely check Facebook to see upcoming birthdays? This app downloads all of that information so you can access and easily see upcoming bdays offline.

11. Mover

Swap contacts and photos with other iPhones in an easy way. Requires both users to have the application, but it is free and quick to download. (Similar: Bump)

12. Simplify Music 2

Listen to your entire music library from your home computer, streamed quickly and without any lag. (Similar: Simply Music, imeem)


13. Cell Minute Tracker

We prefer Cell Minute Tracker to AT&T?s minute tracker any day. Much simpler, easy to navigate and much faster.

14. QuickOffice

Edit Word and Excel documents on the go.

15. Photogene

There are a multitude of photo editing apps out there, but you really only need one. Crop, rotate, adjust colors, and add filters with Photogene. (Similar: Camera Bag)

16. Skype

Superb quality Skype-to-Skype over WiFi using the Skype application. Finally be free of your computer and microphone to make those long distance calls. (Similar: Truphone)

17. Kindle

Skeptical at first, but found eBook reader surprisingly easy on the eyes and good for taking in a quick chapter. Offers plenty of free content, but won?t be replacing your physical Kindle.


18. Beejive IM 3.0

We mentioned this on last year?s roundup, but it deems reiteration. So far, the best multi-IM service client on the iPhone, now with Push Notification. AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and more.

19. Redlaser

Extremely reluctant to include this on the list, but it does deserve a bottom slot. Scan UPC codes for price comparisons on the go, but wait for an update for improved scanning and database.

Best Games

20. Real Racing

Standard track based racing game, but has the best graphics on an iPhone game to-date. Worth it alone to see what the iPhone is capable of.


21. Sims 3

Slightly watered down Sims 3, but still an excellent version on the go. Fantastic graphics and runs well.

22. My Brute

Create a fighter and compete in daily arena matches. Very simplistic, but highly addicting and will bring you back daily.

23. Mecho Wars

Advanced Wars for your iPhone and iPod Touch, enough said. Interesting art style and background story.

24. Zenonia

The first fully featured traditional 2D action RPG for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

25. Peggle

The time sucking, simple Pachinko style casual PC game from PopCap ported to your device.

26. Marble Blast Mobile

Another PC game port where you roll your marble through various levels, filled with obstacles and hazards.


27. Myst

Do we even need to explain this one?

28. Merlin?s Legacy

An original IP based around two dueling wizards, battling for control across a 2D side-scrolling field. Interesting game mechanic based on spells and timing.

29. Assassin?s Creed

A smaller version of Assassin?s Creed on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Plays rather smoothly and provides solid entertainment.

30. Oregon Trail

The classic Oregon Trail, updated with fantastic graphics and animation. Will keep you entertained just like when you were in school. Try not to die of dysentery.

31. Rolando 2

The sequel to the popular game of rolling little Rolandos around to save the kingdom. Your hands may cramp from hours of play.

Fun Timewasters

32. Doodle Jump

Dominated the Top 25 list for quite a while. Accelerometer based movement¿you guide your Doodle to bounce off platforms, jumping to the highest point possible as you avoid getting hit.

33. Mouth Off

Cover your mouth with your device and show off an assortment of crazy mouths that animate to the input sound of your voice. I?ve annoyed dining mates with this one more than once.


34. Pocket God

Well done, episodic content based on a simple toy of dealing with your islanders. Fun to show off to friends and receive new updates.

35. Flight Control

Elegantly simple and highly addictive game. You direct various planes to different landing strips, all the while trying to avoid collisions. Updated with Bluetooth device co-op.


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