Terrible Day for Stocks, at least its Friday

Terrible day for stocks as the Dow Jones fell 253 points, the S&P 500 dropped 2.5% and the Nasdaq declined 2.6%.  TGIF.

Family Guy Moment: Nerds


Jon Stewart Speaks the Truth on Taxes


Friday Fun: Best of McLovin

From Superbad:

Napoleon Dynamite Returns in Animation

Looks good, all the original cast is back.  It will be on FOX next year.

NetFlix Relief Fund

They are coming back.  Money.

This is the guy who gave us 1979's ALIEN and 1982's Blade Runner.

Mash-up 1979's Hardcore starring George C. Scott film about a man searching for his daughter in the seedy underbelly of society, and the upcoming Adam Sandler “comedy” Jack and Jill where he plays himself and his wacky sister.  The result -- priceless.


Nic Cage: Reasons to Hate Him

nic cageVery funny article from PopMatters.com titled "The 10 Legitimate Movie-Related Reasons to Hate Nicolas Cage."

How this guy still is in major movies is amazing, he's inches away from falling into the 'Direct-to-DVD' titles ala Steven Seagal like movie career.

They include the trailers and everything.  Enjoy.