Money.  Even Simon Pegg made the cast.  Tom Cruise may finally redeem himself with this movie.  Larger version after the break.

Best Article Ever

god bless google news charlotte rossThey managed to post the most popular image on Google News today, which means everyone can see it.

Turn the clock back to 2003 when Charlotte Ross on 'NYPD Blue' only used her hands to cover herself on ABC.

Today an appeals court decision to throw out the FCC's $1.4 million fine against 52 ABC affiliates that broadcast the episode (aka. the NYPD Blue Nude episode) is the big story.


If "The Office" was an 80's Sitcom

Cheesy music complete with laugh track and freeze-frames.  Dope.

inFAMOUS 2 Now on the Sony PS3

inFAMOUS was a stellar game, finally the follow-up that only comes out on the Sony (NYSE:SNE) PS3:

Tron Guy on America’s Got Talent

Wow, he didn't even get into his second sentence before voted off.

G4 on "BioShock: Infinite" at E3

Very cool trailer/demo and sit down with Ken Levine

Finally, after 10,000 documentaries on various Rock Bands -- comes the TCQ.

Green Lantern Trailer No 3, More Back Story

Dope, this came out yesterday.  All about the Green Lantern Corps.

Doh!  Not the hottie we were expecting. Quality. Her name is Mildred Patricia Baena - Mildred Patricia Baena

Peter Jackson-produced Steven Spielberg-directed performance capture animated adaptation of The Adventures of Tintin.