President Obama and Hitler together at last.  Hank's going to need to update his resume.  Enjoy:

You can Finally Buy Duff Beer (for real)

real duff beerToo cool, a company in the UK is now selling Duff Beer.

It took until the Simpson's reached season 23 but who's counting.  The Duff Beer can is identical to the iconic cans you see in Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart.

Its real beer that packs a 4.7% ABV punch. 

Awesome comic on the NetFlix (NFLX) / Qwikster deal.

You've got to admit, with all the money NetFlix has they could have ponied up some cash to buy a decent ".com" name.

Check out a full view of the comicstrip after the break.

Bizzaro Moment

Just to listen to Casey Kasem (Robin) do a Bizarro voice is reason enough to watch this two minute clip.  What I would pay to get my hands on a 'Bizarro Ray Gun'


Terrible Day for Stocks, at least its Friday

Terrible day for stocks as the Dow Jones fell 253 points, the S&P 500 dropped 2.5% and the Nasdaq declined 2.6%.  TGIF.

Family Guy Moment: Nerds


Jon Stewart Speaks the Truth on Taxes


Friday Fun: Best of McLovin

From Superbad:

Napoleon Dynamite Returns in Animation

Looks good, all the original cast is back.  It will be on FOX next year.

NetFlix Relief Fund