SNL Bolton - Digital Short

Michael Bolton showed off his funny side on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

Green Lantern Movie - New Two Minute Spot

Dig it.

Make this the one millionth movie for Kevin Bacon.  Just makes playing 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' that much easier.

James Franco is the scientist who when working on a cure for Alzheimers unlocks the mind of the apes and off we go. 

The Beasties are Coming

Doesn't get any better than this

New Thundercats 2011Holy the Shiz Masters, the ThunderCats are coming back to life and will be on Cartoon Network next fall.

The animation looks tight and the original voice for Lion-O played by Larry Kenney will be returning as Lion-O's father, Claudius.

Microsoft (MSFT) and Apple (AAPL) to Merge

Fellow Stockmasters, breaking news from an inside source at Microsoft, Apple and Microsoft are announcing the merge of the company today.

The new company, which will be called AppleSoft, will form one company that will no doubt be the granddaddy of all software companies.

Ron Burgundy on ESPN


The trailer looks very enticing, perhaps this film gets the medieval time frame right: