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Kate Upton Super Hot Chick

So there's Kate Upton, Kate Upton and.. oh right, Kate Upton.

Seriously besides Kate Upton do you really care?  Well here are the top 3 hottest women for 2014.

Sexiest Music Videos for 2014

Rihanna super sexy video

Katy Perry takes the crown.  Here curves are kicking and she is at the top of her game.  

Jokes you can Tell to your Kids


No. 1 - Knock Knock Joke - Banana

Knock Knock

“Who’s There?”



“Banana Who?

*Knock Knock

“Who’s There?”


Rihanna super sexy video

Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and more. 

Katy Perry takes the crown.  Here curves are kicking and she is at the top of her game.  


The quick answer?  Two to three weeks past the date.

Here are the most common answers to that age old question -- How long can you eat yogurt safely past the expiration date?

Christmas Nachos Recipe for All

Charlie Brown X-Mas Big Pic

Mastery brings back its classic nacho recipe for all to enjoy.

Christmas Nachos Recipe -- Green and Red tortilla chips are a must, and this time of year you can buy them everywhere.  This holiday treat is sure to be welcome at any Christmas Festivus you are attending and tastes even better with an ice cold beer. 

Mr. Burns - Evil

Mr. Burns explains the 'Fiscal Cliff' in terms we can all understand.

Bravo to 'The Simpsons' and their take on the 'Fiscal Cliff'.  An explanation by Mr. Burns is classy and actually -- makes total sense.

Nothing to do 'till the Hole

Black Hole Sun

Not a lot going on with stocks this week as we wait for the Fed Meeting. Here are some videos to fill your boring day.

Check out Mike from 'Breaking Bad' in his first role - a 70's film about menstruation:

Facebook - Zuck bucks

Now that Facebook shares are under $20, what else can you waste your money on?

Forget wasting $20 on a single share of Facebook (FB), they are going to get cheaper. In After-Hours trading, Facebook is down to $19.86 a share.