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MixMasterMike helps us find a CD offer at 1.3% APY.

The CD rates thus far in 2013 have been terrible.  We would only consider Ally Bank or this week VirtualBank's CD offers.  We did find a 1.3% APY offer but there's a catch.

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Sorry fellow Masters, the picking is slim.

Sick of gambling your money in the stock market?  We all are.  The only problem is in 2013 high yield CDs are far from "high yield".  More like zero yield.  But for those that still care about these options here is what you can find nationwide as of March 2013.

Dividend Stocks

Forget High Yield CDs, they only offer up 1% at best for a year.  Go with our dividend stock picks.

Fellow Masters, the best 'high yield CD' you can buy will only give you 1 to 1.2% yield that locks your money away for an entire year.  We would rather buy a high yield dividend stocks that pay a 8% to %13 dividend yield plus whatever the stock gains in 2012.  Making the cut are New York Mortgage Trust, Inc. (NYMT), CenturyLink, Inc. (CTL) and Vale (VALE).

Dividend Stocks

The best a high yield CD can pay you is 1% a year.  Mastery would rather invest in 6% to 13% high yield dividend stocks.

The term 'high yield cd' means nothing in 2011 - 2012, you have to turn to high yield securities, and that means dividend stocks.  Mastery turns to New York Mortgage Trust, Inc. (NYMT), CenturyLink, Inc. (CTL) and Vale (VALE). 


The masters have your 3 Month CD alternative.

Let's face it, the return on 3 Month CD's is abysmal, Ally is offering a not-so-great .39%, USAA .45%, and the winner is OneWest Bank coming in at .60%.

High Yield CD Rates - Forgetaboutit

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That's right, there's just one word if you are hoping to score higher CD rates -- forgetaboutit.


The best one year (12 month) CD you can lock into today is only at 1.27% APY.  They get worse if you are trying to discover a 3 month or 6 month option.

Let's hope at some point certificates of deposit become a better option that can possibly yield 2% or more.  Gone are the 12 month 4% APY rates days prior to 2009, we pray they come back at some point. 

high yield cdThe best bang for your buck CD deals are the 12 month terms as we head into Summer 2011.  Thanks to Google's Advisor the banks to check our are NEXITY Bank, Connexus Credit Union, and AuroraBank.

You can lock in a 1.27% APY for one year, its not that great, but its the best the web can find. 

Make sure to check your local zip code offers using Google's Advisor, maybe you can do better than the national deals.

High Yield CDHigh Yield CD rates are hardly "high yield" this week (March 19th).  Our search did turn up an offer from  Ascencia Bank at 1.3% for 12 months.  The best part is you only need to put down $500 minimum to open an account.

Our best advice for you CD shoppers this week: check your local banks.  You can do so using Google's Compare CD tool by entering your zipcode.

You can still find a 3% APY High Yield CD, but you have to have ten damn years to spare. Thanks to Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) wonderful new CD Rate Compare Tool you can find the best deals in seconds without the hastle of pop-up ads or frusterating navigation.

If you have the patience of 10 years and $2,500 down you to can enjoy a 3% APY CD from Discover Bank.

Google Compare CD Rates, Checking and Savings RatesMove over BankRate.com, CDRates.org, BankaHolic.com here comes Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) with their own CD, Mortgages, Credit Cards, Checking, and Savings compare tool.  You can find the best rates nationwide and local offers using your zipcode.

Google has made comparing rates easy, intuitive, and not busy with all the competitors sites ads and akward navigation to decipher.  Hands down Masters, this is the best CD online tool we have ever experienced and of course its from Google.  Enter google.com/ComparisonAds and see for yourself.