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Negative Nancy Index 2010The bulls can't run forever as there is always Chaos awaiting in the shadows. Just when you think your precious equities will run forever the market will topple and fall while only the inverse ETFs and short positions will reap the benefits. Stop fooling yourself, there's one million reasons to believe a market correction is upon us.

Thus fellow Masters, join chaos and evil, welcome the Negative Nancy Index for 2010. (QID, FXP, DGZ, DUG, VXX)

In 2017 Square Inc Shares are up 100%

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Missed the boat on this one

You know Square Inc (SQ). That modern day easy process of buying beers at a startup brewery and swiping your card on an iPad then signing on the iPad. It's Square technology that's running it.  

GIS Shares Finally Moving: Short Squeeze?

General Mills (GIS)

Could it be a short squeeze?

Slow mover and grandpa stock General Mills (NYSE:GIS) is up over 1% today. Not an exciting move but this week has finally moved almost 3% from it's 12 month low. 

Crocs still an Investment?


Once the future of footwear and a high powered growth stock. Today it's what?

The King and Queen of Nurse and Soccer Mom footwear is Crocs Inc (CROX). You see kids wearing them at the pool but is this a company worth investing into at this point?

Apple Shares Minor Comeback

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Anytime it drops -- Buy.

Apple Inc (AAPL) shares fell from the $155 range in early June to $142 in the middle of June. It was easy money for traders to pick up Apple on the dip. Those that did have enjoyed a ride back to $150 and change. If and when Apple falls -- Buy.

Dividend Stocks

Not sure where to put your money? How about Dividend Stocks.

Not sure if you can beat the market with your stock picks? That goes for us all. Why not bet on a few classic dividend stocks or better yet go with the Dividend ETFs. goes up for sale and guess who Bought it?

Elon Musk

Money to burn and then some. will not be used the new United States Steel Corp (NYSE:X) website. Instead it will be the new internet real estate site of Elon Musk.

Holy Burritos: Chipotle Hits new 12 Month High

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG)

Burrito to the face.

Just when you thought Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:CMG) was dead after the E Coli scare we have a winner. CMG shares hit a new 52-week high today of $483.50. That makes a huge 27% year-to-date gain. They were our number one stock pick at the beginning of the year and suggesting buying when it was at it's 12 month low.

Netflix Interface - big pic your time is running out.

Enjoy streaming movies for free while you can. Ireland has said NO to, and . It's only a matter of time before America gets Comcast and others to block these illegal streaming sites.

Stocks Go Higher so does the SSO

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Don't fight it, just go with it.

Think you're an expert stock picker? How many of your stocks went positive last year, how much did you actually gain in your portfolio? Why risk individual stocks when you can buy the S&P 500 Index and get a dividend to boot. The answer is the SSO.