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Negative Nancy Index 2010The bulls can't run forever as there is always Chaos awaiting in the shadows. Just when you think your precious equities will run forever the market will topple and fall while only the inverse ETFs and short positions will reap the benefits. Stop fooling yourself, there's one million reasons to believe a market correction is upon us.

Thus fellow Masters, join chaos and evil, welcome the Negative Nancy Index for 2010. (QID, FXP, DGZ, DUG, VXX)

In Facebook We Trust


We picked the low this year, should have loaded up.

Facebook Inc (FB) has been the stock to own when it fell earlier this year. We called the entry point. Let it be a lesson to all stock pickers.

Star Wars 7 Trailer new Stormtroopers

Unbelievable but its real.

Just when you thought Candace Payne, a.k.a. Chewbacca Mom would leave the spotlight she found another reason to stick aroung. Hasbro the loving company that produced all the Star Wars figures from the 1970's on just found a reason to stay relative. How about a 'Chewbacca Mom Action Figure.'

When the Market Falls Buy FB


The company has a license to print cash. We all know it.

During times like these we look for one stock you can pull the trigger on and buy while everything burns to the ground.  That equity is single-handedly Facebook, Inc (FB).

Dividend Stock with a 6% Annual Yield (POT)


Good Ol' Potash Corp.

Once the rage Potash was so sexy and everyone was willing to pay up for it on the global food growth story. Those days have passed and Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (USA) (NYSE:POT) finds it's shares under $18. POT shares haven't stopped falling in a few years and that makes the stock a 5.7% annual dividend yield.

GOGO shares decline overdone?


Gogo Inc was down 40% this morning, is it that bad?

Why is Gogo Inc (GOGO) down 40% this morning? That would be that American Airlines is threatning to pull Gogo's inflight Wi-Fi internet service from its 200 planes. Gogo has almost 11,000 planes fitted worldwide, so doesn't a measly 200 seem overdone?

Deadpool Cast - Thumbs Up

In your face lame superhero movies.

Let me say first hand, DEADPOOL is that good and a bag of chips. Funny, crazy, sexy, explosions.. fucking awesome. I found myself laughing so hard at parts that I missed the next joke as did the theater. I can imagine many people are going back to the theater for 2 scoops to watch it again. Congrats Ryan Reynolds, you have redeemed Deadpool for who he is.

Alcoa Shares: No Respect

No Respect - Rodney

Despite all its efforts to reinvent itself the stock is still down.

Alcoa Inc (NYSE:AA) is always the first company to report every earnings seasons and more often than not they disappoint.  The company has been reinventing itself as an areospace and automotive supplier. The company is supposed to split into two companies during the current quarter. When will Wall Street believe in the company and help shareholders return on investment?

Disney hit a new 52-week Low Yesterday


Are you kidding me?

Walt Disney Co (DIS) shares touched a new 12 month low during Wednesday's trading session. That price was $86.25 a share. It didn't stay that way for long.