EA Shares on the Move

Vader and Fett

Mastery called it, this stock is up almost 5% from last week.

Today Electronic Arts (EA) is trading up 2% around $21.16 a share.  Last week we talked the buzz around their latest title Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) saying it would give shares a quick pop.

Since the launch last week SWTOR has hit the 1 million players mark making it the fastest in history to do so for any MMO title.  Mastery said last week:

eaLook for EA shares to finish 2012 at $24.  They will return to their 52-week high during the next six months provided the Rating Agencies don't kill all major equities by downgrading the EU players.

We were bold anticipating EA closing at $24 by the end of this week, however a 5% move since we predicted such is a respectable gain.

EA is riding high thanks to the success of SWTOR, the stock will get back to its 12 month high in early 2012.

Want to play the game?  Head to www.SWTOR.comStar Wars: The Old Republic goes for $59.99 and the monthly cost is $14.99.