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What's streaming this summer on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What's coming in June to Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video?  How about the Brad Pitt epic WORLD WAR Z.  Season 2 of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, the awesomeness of KEY & PEELE SEASON 3, and DOWNTON ABBEY SEASON 4.

 Here is what is actually worth watching instead of spending hours searching for it.  The Stock Masters bring you the Best of Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime Instant Video for the June 2014.

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June 13:


"World War Z" (2013)


June 16:


"Key & Peele: Season 3"


June 23:


"Downton Abbey: Season 4


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June 6:

"Luther: Season 3"

"Orange is the New Black: Season 2"

June 13:


"World War Z" (2013)


June 17:


"Wilfred: Season 3"


June 18:

"Oldboy" (2013)


That's it.  Everything else is trash.