Stocks to buy Under $1 (Not Penny Stocks)

One Dollar

I'd buy that for a dollar.

What trades on the NYSE or NASDAQ and isn't an OTC penny stock scam?  Beat up stocks like RadioShack (RSH), Metalico (MEA), Joe's Jeans (JOEZ), PokerTek (PTEK), and Jones Soda (JSDA).  

All of these stocks trade on the major indexes but they are volatile.  Just because you throw down some coin on these equities they are a gamble. If the company can't keep their stock price above $1 for less than 12 months they will go off the exchange.

These are brands and companies most of us know.  However they are hurting. They may never recover or they could bounce back.  The odds are against them which is why the stock price is so low.  One could hope someone would buy them out, like say Coca-Cola (KO) take over Jones Soda (JSDA).  But if they really wanted to they would have done it long ago and when they had much more going for them.  Can RadioShack (RSH) survive in the year 2014?  They reinvented themselves before but that's no guarantee they can do it again.

With the risk being known here are they are in order of return-on-investment potential/priority:

RadioShack (RSH) at 92 cents.  This is the lowest the stock has ever been. RadioShack is fighting for it's survival.  The Shack's balance sheet is no bueno. RadioShack is already swimming in more than $1.2 billion in debt and short-term liabilities along with a quarterly interest expense averaging more than $13 million. 

Metalico (MEA) is hardly above $1.  Its now trading around $1.25 a share.  The metal scrap recycler's stock has tanked from $2.50 to just above $1.  The company doesn't get much press and it's difficult to gadge what they could do at this point.  

Joe's Jeans (JOEZ) at $1.10 a share.  Most of the company's jeans sell for $150 a pair. Too bad the company's stock price isn't even close to that.  

PokerTek (PTEK) is at $1.32.  Online gambling has yet to take off and PokerTek is feeling the pain.  However there really isn't point in buying PTEK as they plan to merge with Multimedia Games (MGAM) sometime this year.


Jones Soda (JSDA) is now trading at 40 cents. doesn't even publish it's chart anymore.  Who knows how much longer they can survive.