Stocks: Time to Exit while we are at the Top?

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Time to ring the register.

Nothing worse than getting caught with your pants down. When it comes to your money and the average investor we all pay the price when we don't sell before a correction. Volatility just spiked and the political landscape is sketchy.


Fear is what makes markets fall. The measure for 'fear in the stock market' is still the VIX. 

The CBOE volatility index, or VIX, is now at its highest level since the end of January, following an 11% surge yesterday. We just hit a two week high in the VIX and that is not normal.

The VIX is calculated from the cost of buying options on the S&P 500 in a month’s time, so shows if traders are trying to protect themselves from a crash.

It’s still quite low in historical terms, at around 12.05 right now.

Speaking of fear, this is dope.




This headline from CNBC is enough of a message. Feels like a pump and dump email you would delete from your spam folder

Donald Trump complains the media ignores bull market despite constant coverage of bull market

President Donald Trump took credit for the stock market's record run and complained the media never reports on its rise despite CNBC and other business news outlets having done so perpetually since he won the election.

Stocks had already rallied significantly since Trump's election, as optimism about his proposed policies and improving economic data emboldened market bulls.

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Seriously people, what else do you need to hear. At least take some off the table so you can play later down the road.