Stocks to own for 2015 and Beyond (SHAK, IRBT, GOOG, DIS, IBB)

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A few securities worth considering for the entire year and longer.

Biotech, Robotics, Google, Shake Shack, and everything Disney. That is what is going to make money this year and worth your investing dollars. Those equities of choice are Walt Disney Company (DIS), Shake Shack Inc (SHAK), iRobot Corp (IRBT), and two others discussed after the jump.

We know you can wait, the other two are the most popular (and reliable with plenty of volume) Biotech ETF out there the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology (IBB) and the most used website on the planet Google Inc (GOOGL). I love this lineup myself so much after compiling it I will most likely make some entry positions in the coming weeks. All of these names have room to grow and if you stock and smell the roses, you will agree they are the future.

For your cut & paste needs, here are those tickers alone: DIS, GOOG, IBB, IRBT, SHAK

Ticker Price 52 Wk-High 52 Wk-Low P/E EPS From 52wk High From 52wk Low Finviz TP % from Finviz TP
IBB $337.47 $341.49 $207.48 6.13 55.09 -1.19% 39.14%  n/a  n/a
GOOGL $562.63 $614.47 $490.91 27.75 20.27 -9.21% 13.79% $620.88 10.35%
SHAK $43.15 $52.50 $38.63  n/a  n/a -21.67% 12.20% $37.00 -14.25%
IRBT $32.85 $48.36 $28.05 26.23 1.25 -47.21% 15.66% $38.00 15.68%
DIS $104.08 $105.98 $76.31 23.12 4.50 -1.83% 27.42% $105.38 1.25%

Drugs of the future will be unique to the patient. This is already happening and why Biotech is here to stay and the trend for years to come. What the heck is it?

Biotechnology is the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products, or "any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use" (UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Art.)  Thank you Google (GOOGL) for that answer, why it's one of our recommendations.

Google has so many things great going for it not to mention it hasn't rallied like the other big tech names in the past 12 months. When you hear your kids say "Google It" it reafirms they are the future. Thus buy today and look back in 5 years. Google is the ideal IRA play. The average target price has GOOGL climbing another 10% in the next 12 months. Mastery believes they will hit that number no problem.

Back to the IBB. We'd rather go with the best BioTech ETF (IBB) then take a risk on the indivudual companies. I would love to sell the farm and put it all on some of the best biotech firms such as Gilead Sciences (GILD), Amgen (AMGN), Regeneron (REGN). Those companies and more make up the IBB and it's better to own them as a group. You avoid the 10 to 20% pops or drops on those tickers because they trade volatile. 


Content is king now. Hello ESPN, Marvel, Star Wars, Frozen, and all the wonderful characters of Walt Disney. Not the platforms of Netflix (NFLX) or Xfinity or whomever. Not to mention the theme parks that despite Measles continues to rake in money. That is why we will go with Disney (DIS) for the entire year and not sell.  We preached that Walt Disney makes a Top Dividend Stock for 2015 and in Nov we told you to buy it in Why Buy Disney Shares?


(* Bonus stock pick DDD)

Ticker Price 52 Wk-High 52 Wk-Low P/E EPS From 52wk High From 52wk Low Finviz TP % from Finviz TP
DDD $29.35 $77.58 $27.00 269.64 0.11 -164.33% 11.42% $37.80 28.79%

Robots operating out in outer space while astronauts inside their spacestation print 3D electronic parts inside. The busy spaceman then orders his R2-D2-like robot inside to deliver the freshly printed 3D part to the bot on the outside. It's the future and it will happen.  That's why Mastery is taking a long-term view to both 3D Systems (DDD) and iRobot (IRBT). They are leaders in 3-D printing and robotics respectively.

DDD has fallen from grace since last summer. Wall Street is no longer in love with 3D printing. They a tired of waiting for high growth and everything else 3D printing should have done by now. Thank you Powers-that-be for providing this buying opportunity. Want to bet on if 6 months from now CNBC will be talking about how we all left the 3-D printing space for dead at the start of 2015?

I do. 



death to mcdHello to the new school of Habit Burger Grill (HABT), Five Guys (Private) and Shake Shack (SHAK). Good-bye to McDonalds (MCD), Burger King (BKW), and everyone else. Don't get fooled by the old school dividends, the share price along with the company as a whole is going no where. It's Windows 2005 without an upgrade. Embrace the juicy, high-end, quality burger that kids to Baby Boomers prefer -- HABT or SHAK.  How long before iShares creates a 'New School Fast Food ETF'? If they do, I will buy it.

Shack Shack (SHAK) is an expensive stock right now. It had an incredible IPO and the analysts have just started assigning 12 month target prices. I believe this could be one of those stocks that you don't get the chance to buy on a dip because it just keeps steadily climbing after it begins its first new earnings reports. SHAK's CEO Danny Meyer is worth buying alone. He's loved by the Street and he knows what the world wants. We don't want a No. 2 with fries, we want what Danny is serving. That's why I'm buying both the burger and stock.

MASTERY Bottom Line (Ninja Style)






Why play the guessing game, think what is working today and what will I be consuming in the future. That would be the goods and services that make up the following equities: DIS, GOOG, IBB, IRBT, SHAK, DDD.