IMAX shares poised for a breakout

Dark Knight Rises

Get in on shares of IMAX before the Dark Knight Rises this summer.

In 2008 The Dark Knight grossed just over $1B. This summer, The Dark Knight Rises should shatter that record, and help IMAX's bottom line.

In fact, there are quite a few decent movies coming out in 2012 that should help IMAX's earnings out in 2012. Check out this list:

Dark Knight Rises
Underworld: Awakening
The Hobbit
Skyfall (The first 007 film to come out in years)
The Bourne Legacy
Total Recall
World War Z

Now compare that to movies in 2011:

Green Hornet
I am Number 4
Cowboys & Aliens
Sucker Punch
Pirates of the Caribbean
Battle of Los Angeles
Cars 2
Harry Potter

Not all of these were duds, but a lot were. Just check out this list of most anticipated movies from 2011 and look how their ratings turned out. That's not to say that there won't be any duds in 2012, but I for one am much more excited about some of these upcoming releases.

Fundamentally, IMAX is looking pretty sound these days compared to recent years. The company has finally started making a profit and its paid off the bulk of its debt, while continuing expansion into international markets (such as China).

The IMAX chart is looking great, with price action in a nice rising channel. Look for a breakout to above $25 in the coming months.