In 2017 Square Inc Shares are up 100%

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Missed the boat on this one

You know Square Inc (SQ). That modern day easy process of buying beers at a startup brewery and swiping your card on an iPad then signing on the iPad. It's Square technology that's running it.  

Most people (myself included) we skeptical that Square (SQ) was a worthwhile investment.

Cool as shit company and technology - Yes.

However as an investment, it looked risky. 

Year-to-date SQ shares have gone on an amazing 100% run. The stock has the looks like a momentum stock at this point. That makes me leary about buying now hoping to continue on up. A quick Google search and trolling the various financial publications point to SQ has come to fast too quick.

SQ Square, Inc. daily Stock Chart

Mastery would rather wait for a pullback then take a bite at SQ. Wait for the stock to come down to say $20.

Last month Credit Suisse's Paul Condra thought it was time to sell out now. SQ blew throught his $20 price target, he downgrades to Neutral from Outperform. His new PT is $25.