Sexist Music Videos on Youtube for 2014

Rihanna super sexy video

Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and more. 

Katy Perry takes the crown.  Here curves are kicking and she is at the top of her game.  

No. 1 - Katy Perry 'Dark Horse'

Katy is all natural, yes those are her real breasts.  Her latest video 'Dark Horse' is the sexiest and hottest video 2014 has to offer yet.  There's no denying she is the pop queen and so much classier than Madonna was during her prime or the current Lada Gaga. 'Dark Horse' has comedy with her fun sense of humor and the sexiest woman on the planet -- Katy Perry.  The video has already been viewed more than 157 million times on Youtube.


2. Shakira & Rihanna

This really should be no. 1 but even their curves combined don't match Katy Perry.  So this video despite its supreme hotness comes in at no. 2.  Shakira is cashing in on her 'The Voice' popularity. Last year no one cared about her, and the years prior she was only a Latin American star. All that has changed in 2014. 

Shakira is very popular and she teamed up with the right pop artist -- Rihanna.  These two women are absolutely stunning.  Enjoy the video, but first here is a pic.

Shakira Can't Remember To Forget You


No. 3 - Rihanna 'Stay'

Wow.  Nothing else is needed to be said.

No. 4 - Miley Cyrus