Great tips for saving money when Renting Cars


Tips to save you money next time you have to rent a car.

First -- Member of Triple A (AAA) or Costco, many times the rental companies give discounts based on that.  Second -- Ask for any free upgrades, they can do that for you when you are at the rental desk.  Third -- Google search for coupons on rental cars snd use those when you rent.


Fourth -- Always opt to fill up the gas tank yourself.

Fifth - If you are driving then you should have car insurance.  Use your own insurance.  It will save you a ton.

Sixth - Don't rent their car seats if you have kids.  It's worth it topack the car seats and pay the baggage fee to check the big bag packed with the car seats.  

Seventh - Opt to downsize.  You don't need the min-van.  Go compact.  

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