The DOW to 13,000: Embrace the Raging Bull Index

RAGING BULL INDEXThe Masters have been preaching the Negative Nancy Index but until the tipping point has finally been reached for U.S. equities its time to "back up the truck", put on the blinders, and go for broke with the RAGING BULL INDEX.

Jump on board with the companies that will reap the benefits from Americans continuing to buy shit and "charge it".  Along with some classic plays we also include some overpriced stocks that won't be able to sustain their momentum and are most likely to fall hard once the lack of job growth catches up with overconfident investor optimism.


Can't beat em, join em, but let's first cut to the chase, RAGING BULL INDEX tickers alone for your cut & paste convenience: F, AAPL, GS, PCLN, NFLX, AMZN

Americans continue to spend like there is no tomorrow, buying cars, iCrap, and other merchandise from Its a no brainer then to go long Ford Motor (NYSE:F), (NASDAQ:AMZN), and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). Apple is trading at the insane price of $269 a share, Amazon at an equally overvalued price of $141, while the only stock/compay that is really worth buying of the three is Ford Motor (NYSE:F).

Company Exchange Symbol Last price   Quote change Market cap
Ford Motor Company NYSE F 13.51   +0.26 (1.96%) 45.87B
Apple Inc. NASDAQ AAPL 269.34   +7.74 (2.96%) 245.00B
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. NYSE GS 159.86   +2.85 (1.82%) 84.21B Incorporated NASDAQ PCLN 271.21   +9.43 (3.60%) 12.36B
Netflix, Inc. NASDAQ NFLX 101.79   +2.40 (2.42%) 5.32B, Inc. NASDAQ AMZN 141.59   +2.24 (1.61%) 63.10B

Despite Ford Motor (NYSE:F) having the greatest CEO of the 21st century, Mr. Alan Mulally, the stock price can't keep climbing at this rate, or can it?

Ford hit it out of the park recently with a $2.1 billion first quarter profit.  Ford went back to the drawing board and designed sturdier and safe vehicles, adding testing to each step of the assembly line and marketed its changes in a big way.
Ford models now receive top safety ratings in crash tests and its Fusion sedan was named the Motor Trend’s 2010 car of the year.


If you think AMZN or APPL is expensive, think again, Priceline (NASDAQ:PCLN) is at $271 a share with a hefty P/E of 27.45.  Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) which is an amazing company has rocketed to $101 a share with a screaming P/E of 46.21. 

Netflix shares are currently 20.3% short, according to, Priceline only 9.5% short but that could just be the calm before the storm.

I Pinn -, jump on the train with Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), this powerhouse just reported Q1 2010 net revenues of $12.8 billion. Net earnings were $3.5 billion and earnings per diluted share were $5.59 and annualized return on common equity was 20.  There's no stopping Goldman, not even the SEC, we look forward the new $100 Bill with "IN GOLDMAN SACHS WE TRUST" printed on it.

Fellow Masters, should this bull rally keep running then the RAGING BULL INDEX will continue to profit, these companies are the best of the best when it comes to consumer spending and everything rosy with a growing U.S. economy.  Sure we think these stocks are played out, but there are plenty of analysts who continue to say these stocks are going to the moon, so why fight it?

Think raging bullish, just like Jake La Motta played by Robert Deniro as he rips into everyone in this classic smack-my-bitch-up scene.  Enjoy the bull rally while it lasts, Jake's waiting in the corner, waiting to unleash.