Ganga Stocks to Buy


What are the pot stocks you can buy?  We got em. 

Now that it's legal in Colorado, the trade is on.  Medical Marijuana (MJNA), Hemp Inc. (HEMP), Tranzbyte (ERBB), GrowLife (PHOT), Greengro Technologies (GRNH) and Cannabis Science (CBIS).  Those are the marijuana stocks you can invest in today.


Problem with all of them is they trade on the OTC board. However the gains in Tranzbyte (ERBB), Greengro Technologies (GRNH) and Cannabis Science (CBIS) have been massive this past week.  In the last 5 trading sessions ERBB has gained 92%, GRNH up 181%, and CBIS has rallied 108%.  That is if you could have found a buyer which will be difficult next week. All three of those names trade for under 10 cents.  Tranzbyte isn't even worth mentioning as it trades under a penny.  These are penny stocks and extremely volatile and risky.  Greengro Technologies (GRNH) is the only name that trades at 10 cents.  Enough said, these are gambly investments and you are better off at the craps tables. 

Personally I would rather bet on big tobacco via Altria (MO), Reynolds American (RAI) or Lorillard Inc. (LO) .  MO is not going to roll over if these pot companies take off.  Big money always win and that rings true for tabacco.  

Bottom line: Don't waste your time on pot stocks, you'll get smoked. Big tabacco rules this world and pays dividends, i.e. RAI, LO, MO.

Stock prices for those in this article below:

Company name Price Mkt Cap
MJNA Medical Marijuana... 0.152 144.04M
HAHI Help at Home, Inc. 0.0013 2,430.00
ERBB Tranzbyte Corp 0.0025 84,431.00
MO Altria Group Inc 37.72 75.44B
PHOT Growlife Inc 0.205 145.57M
GRNH GreenGro Tech., Inc. 0.104 14.97M
CBIS Cannabis Science Inc 0.0605 46.06M
RAI Reynolds American... 48.81 26.38B
LO Lorillard Inc. 49.80 18.34B

Now do you see why the pot stocks aren't worth trading?