Boehner to talk at Noon: Fiscal Cliff Update

Boehner Cliff 300 Style

We get an update at noon today (Dec 11th).  If it was really good news wouldn't Obama be talking?

Hold your breath until 12 PM today.  That's when we get word from House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) on the status of the 'Fiscal Cliff'.  Let's hope its good news and the market reacts as such.  However if it was a solid deal wouldn't President Obama be addressing the public?  Maybe he wants to let Boehner enjoy the spotlight?  Our questions will be answered soon and our equities depend on it.

Fellow Masters, around noon today we finally get to hear what the hell is going on with the status of tax and spending talks with President Barack Obama. For several weeks, the White House and Republican leaders have sparred over how to deal with expiring tax breaks and mandatory spending cuts set to begin in January.

Watch/read/listen to the coverage live on every channel and Internet news site.  Mastery is holding our breath until then.