Three chart setups for Tuesday (MSFT, CSTR, NVDA)

drink and masteryMastery has three stocks worth your attention today, those weapons of choice being Microsoft (MSFT), Coinstar (CSTR) and Nvidia (NVDA).

After diving into their charts, we have reason to believe these bad boys are worth your time and attention.

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Microsoft's (MSFT) chart is looking healthy lately, as the 50 day MA has passed the 200 day MA earlier this month. On Monday, you can see where shares broke down in the morning and popped right back above the 50 day MA. Looks like a safe play to get into, and place your stop around $26.75.














Another chart I like right now is Nvidia (NVDA).

Another case of the 50 day MA has passing the 200 day MA earlier this month. Again, I'd recommend a tight stop here. Around $15. NVDA is treading on thin ice here and I think it could move either way, I'd give it a 60% chance of moving up and 40% chance down. Don't be afraid to get stopped out of a position if the stock or market doesn't behave.














And finally, we have Coinstar (CSTR)

I've been keeping an eye on Coinstar for a while; I like the short squeeze potential (33% of float is short) and I like the backing by Goldman Sachs (they own 13% of outstanding shares)

However, I haven't quite pulled the trigger because of what looks to me like a massive head-and-shoulders top going back to June of 2010. Maybe I'm reading it wrong. I would expect a drop down to the $30's after the right shoulder if it was a true head-and-shoulders formation. If you're a tech analyis pro I would love to hear any feedback you have on this chart. Just hit us up on our contact page.