A Few ETF Investing Ideas: UUP and Triple ETFs

festivusLook for new and exciting improvements to come from the Masters new site ETFProdigy.com.  Today on the site, some actual investing articles vs. our Miller Time Extravaganza, much like Festivus. 

Do check out Dollar Hits 8-Month High: Go UUP(click to read)  or More Triple ETFs are coming (click to read)!.

But wait, there's more!

Thanks for reading fellow Masters and have a kick ass weekend, more content to come this Sat and Sun. 

Home Speaking of a "Miller Time Extravaganza" reminds me too much of "Festivus".

Thus, without further a due, The Story of Festivus, as told by George Costanza.

FYI, that guy next to Elaine is not Jack Black but damn if he doesn't look like him.  Friday fun people.