Get Ready for an All New Cast of 'FAST MONEY'

CNBC's "Fast Money" just hasn't been the same since host Dylan Ratigan and contributor Jeff Macke left the show.  The Masters have been pondering who could replace them and what other hosts would investors like to see on the show?  The answer is simple, the new show should be hosted by the all knowing Papa Smurf, he can finally get the contributors under control.  To replace Macke it's the simple choice of Fred Flintstone and to heat it up, add in Skeletor and someone who they can all push around -- Beaker.

All new cast of fast money - fred flintsone, skeletor, papa smurf, beaker


fast money pappa smurfThe new Anchor for "FAST MONEY" -- Papa Smurf
There is just no other choice than Papa Smurf that can control a rambunctious cast of characters, he's been all over the smurfs and keeping them in-line for hundreds of years.  Papa Smurf is gentle, wise, and knowledgeable which is why he's needed to bring back "FAST MONEY" to the masses. He serves as the Smurfs' full-time leader, but after the Bell closes the paternal figure of the Smurfs applies his well-being and harmony to the much needed cast of 'Fast Money'.  Besides, how great would it be to hear Papa getting the crew to shut-up before they break for a commercial and throwing in "we'll be right back, after these Smurfy messages."  Fast Money Trading Name - "The Blue One".


fred flintsone - all new fast money - jeff mackeThe new Jeff Macke -- Fred Flintstone
The man blows his top any time you mention Slate Rock, Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT), or Deere & Company (NYSE:DE) and can argue with the best of them.You need a man's man to throw around Pete Najarian and Flintstone's terrible temper might finally get Guy Adami to take a knee when guests are trying to make their point.

Finally the show will add the much needed 'blue colar' expertise to 'FAST MONEY' and with his bonus knowledge of bowling, playing pool, poker, lounging around the house, and playing golf -- he's a big win.  Fast Money Trading Name - "The Twinkle Toes". Yabba-Dabba-Doo!


fast money - skeletorNew Contributor -- Skeletor
Evil has never had a better enthusiast for short selling and bear markets than the "Evil Lord of Destruction" Skeletor.  The Bears and Shorts of the market have a new hero and cheerleader to admire, Skeletor will represent the true evil and downside of Mr. Market.  By the Power of Greyskull my ass, not on his watch, Tim Seymour you can run, but you can't hide from Skeletor's nasty ways.  Fast Money Trading Name - "The Bone Face"  


beaker - fast money - meep meepGuest Contributor -- Beaker
Finally someone that Karin Finerman can set on fire (literally) and everyone will laugh. There's no better guy to hit in the nose and get away with it than Beaker.  Besides being shy, Beaker can only speak in "Meeps", so if you get sick of listening to everyone else on "Fast Money", you can look forward to Beaker's segment -- one word can go a long way. Fast Money Trading Name - "The Sucker Punch"



Happy Safe Investing Masters.

Here's the pic again of the all new Fast Money cast without logo in it:

All new cast of fast money - fred flintsone, skeletor, papa smurf, beaker