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Steak Nacho Good Stocks

Nothing is better than steak nachos but these stocks may come close.

We check in on our stocks we labeled as 'steak nacho good' and add one more to the mix.  Making the cut are Ford Motor (F), Dendreon Corp (DNDN), McDonald's Corp (MCD), and Xerox Corp. (XRX).

Since we last checked in on these tasty stocks Ford (F) shares have gained back 4.8%.  Dendreon (DNDN) got beat-up even more and now trade at $4.63 a share.  McDonald's (MCD) hasn't moved and is still kicking ass just 5% away from its 12 month high.  We wanted to find a diverse batch of stocks that could provide some stability and excitement for the rest of trading in 2012. 

Mastery likes Ford and McDonald's for their annual dividend yields, 2% and 3% respectively.  Dendreon is a shot in the dark with its uber expensive drug Provenge.  The company just blew its Q2 earnings call and plans to cut $150 million from its expenses (that means firing 600 people). 

Enter boring ol' Xerox Corp (XRX) which is at $7.17 a share and 11% from its 52-week low.  Xerox pays a 2.4% dividend yield and its only moved from the low $6 range to the high $8 range in the past year. Nobody is looking at this stock and why would you, what is sexy about Xerox?  The company just increased its bottom line by earning 89 cents versus $0.41 in the prior year. This year, the market expects an improvement in earnings ($1.07 versus 89 cents).  XRX trades with a great P/E ratio of 7.4 and could be a great steady play for the rest of 2012.

MASTERY Bottom Line (SUB ZERO Style)

MASTERY Bottom line:

These 4 stocks make a quick diverse grouping that could prove top be as good as steak nachos.

In order of least risk Mastery recommends the following: F, MCD, XRX, and gamble with DNDN.