UPDATE: Best Summer Movies for 2014

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Forget our last installment, we've added 2 more must see films.

The last time we talked summer movies the best movie of our generation was not released.  


 Recall the films of Best Summer Movies 2014 to see in Theatres.  

Now the movie that is being held as "Star Wars for this Generation" is in theatres.  Marvel has upped the ante we heart them for their efforts and risk taking.  It had the biggest opening day gross for any film in 2014.  The movie we speak of is...


Guardians of the Galaxy launched with a $37.95M Friday (which includes those $11.2M Thursday late nights) for Disney/Marvel helping to breathe life into the box office after a seven-week slump. Depending on family moviegoing today, the movie could play anywhere right now from $92.5M to $95.5M, which means it could end up higher than the opening of Disney/Marvel’sCaptain America: The Winter Soldier ($95M). If it drops 15% on Saturday, we’re looking at the higher end of the estimate.

Here is the latest extended trailer for GOTG



  You don't have to leave the house to view it.  It can be watched from your On-Demand feature from which ever cable company you have.  The movie is being tested for a dual release (Theatres and TV On-Demand).  Snowpiercer’ has already hit $3.8 Million on VOD as Weinstein Co. Shakes Up Distribution.

Slashfilm says the critics seem to agree on a few points: 1) that Snowpierceris very, very dark, 2) that it’s so dark it could turn off movie ticket buyers, and 3) that it’s freakin’ fantastic.  Read the reviews.