X.com goes up for sale and guess who Bought it?

Elon Musk

Money to burn and then some.

X.com will not be used the new United States Steel Corp (NYSE:X) website. Instead it will be the new internet real estate site of Elon Musk.

Single digit domains are worth millions. The single highest reported 1 letter domain name sale took place December 2014 when Z.com sold for $6,784,000.00 by Nissan to GMO. G.org was bought by this in January from GoDaddy for an undisclosed amount. G.org was part of a portfolio of domain names that GoDaddy bought from Elite Domains in April 2016 for $40+ million.  

Back to Z.com

With a tweet, Elon Musk just confirmed that he is the proud new owner of X.com, an admittedly very cool domain that he owned all the way back in 1999.

Thanks PayPal for allowing me to buy back http://X.com ! No plans right now, but it has great sentimental value to me.

The Whois change seems to have first been spotted by blogger Elliot Silver, who noted that X.com had been collecting dust since its days as a PayPal predecessor. Musk previously owned X.com when it served as a home for his financial services startup that was eventually rolled up with another company called Confinity in a deal that would be rebranded as PayPal in 2001.