Move over Doom, let's go Shopping (BBY, MSFT, GME, GE)

Dr. Doom

Mastery embraces the decline, its a great time to shop for stocks.  Let's not forget about the Black Friday / Cyber Monday bounce -- we got your picks.

Fellow Masters, its brutal 2% declines in the Dow Jones and S&P 500 that create the best buying opportunities and a chance to buy on the cheap.  Making the cut for potential considerations are Microsoft (MSFT), Best Buy (BBY), GameStop (GME) and General Electric (GE). - Cool dudes, Cool Rates

ForgetaboutitRight to the point: The Black Friday / Cyber Monday plays are GameStop and Best Buy.  'Buy and Forgetaboutit' plays are Microsoft and GE.
GameStop and Best Buy have come down in the past few weeks and these stocks every year enjoy a buzz thanks to Post-Thanksgiving shopping.  The Masters expect both of these stocks to bounce back around 10% in the next four weeks as retail numbers come in. 


We just need a little bit of positive consumer spending to lift these bad boys.  Both BBY and GME are trading with a P/E ratio under 9, they are good buys.  Make your cash, then run.  Its a timely trade.
Thanks to stocks tanking as of late, both Microsoft and GE have been hit with the ugly stick. MSFT has fallen to 5% away from its 52-week low and GE is creeping in on 8% from its bottom.  The Masters should not have to remind you why these classic companies are worth buying.

Almost every American uses their products and they better alternatives to buying bonds or CDs. We recommend scooping up MSFT if it dips under $25 a share, GE we would like to buy at $15.

MASTERY Bottom Line (Johnny Cobra Kai Style)MASTERY Bottom line:

Don't let the Doom and Gloom take over your trading mentality. 

The days of triple digit declines are great short term trading opportunities. 

Review BBY, MSFT, GME, and GE.

A reminder from Donnie Brasco on what 'forgetaboutit' means: