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Our readers asked for it, here is the list.

Freeloaders are everywhere on the internets, and when it comes to Netflix like sites, Movie4K takes the crown.  There are other streaming sites like that don't require you to download.  What are they and are they any good? 


We cannot provide the direct links to these sites on our hosting.  Cut & paste the following URL's into your browser of choice.  You may have to type 'www.' or 'http://' first before the URL name but if you are using a recent updated version of IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari it should do it for you.

Geekosystem.comNote that the following illegal websites do not have the same quality and interface of the legal services listed above.  Also consider you are supporting privacy but in this web 2.0 world these services will continue to flourish despite the consequences. You may also run the risk of infecting your PC, Mac, or tablet with a nasty virus or spyware/adware from one of these sites.  There's also the annoyance of the media file constantly buffering.  It can take hours to watch just one hour of your pirated movie.

That might also persuade you to use the legal offerings of or or  All three of those sites are superior to any of the illegal websites.  They offer subtitles and awesome controls of the video and other features such as information on the program or similar content.

Stream at your own risk and don't forget Big Brother is always watching which websites you visit.

Here's the magic list: (by far the best option)

If you want to download the movie, show or other media there is not better choice then

If you have other recommendations, enter the site in the comments section below.