Mastery Rewind: Christmas Canceled

Banksy - Follow Your Dreams

This week was ruined by the U.S. Government but we found some stocks to consider.

Another unbelievable week of witnessing the failure of comprise by the once most powerful country the United States of America.  Its beyond anything anyone living has ever experienced in the U.S. and it stinks bad.  However Mastery did find a few stocks to consider going long on including Verifone (PAY), Fuel Systems Solutions (FSYS), Chipotle (CMG), McDonalds (MCD), and Take-Two (TTWO).


Behold the best of the week:


Fast Food Stocks for 2013

Get fat and make money at the same time. 

Comic Book Guy (Big Pic)


3 Stock Trends for 2014

Sometimes trends take a while to develop. Here are 3 which may take until 2014 to be fully realized, but will be worth the wait.

Minority Report - Glass


Fiscal Cliff Solution: Fire U.S. Lawmakers

U.S. Taxpayers should not have to pay salaries for these shitboxes destroying our equities.

Fedo - Godfather Kiss of Death