Mastery Rewind: RIM, Silver, Cyber Monday

Mr. T - Pain

Pain was the dish served up to the RIM haters.  Welcome Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2012.

Thanksgiving 2012 trading week was all about Research in Motion (RIMM),.  It was also a great week for Cyber Monday / Black Friday stocks such as Inc (AMZN) and Google (GOOG).  Not to mention the  iShares Silver Trust (SLV) setup for a potential beautiful trade.

Spend, spend, spend Americans and help the stocks of (AMZN) and other top online retailers hit new 12 month highs.  Enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend and be sure to buy and click on Cyber Monday.  Around half of all purchases made on Cyber Monday (11/26) will be done on the job by 'hard working' Americans.  The deals are already available online and we provide some of the best links in our article Bring on Cyber Monday and Stocks to help save you money. 

Recall the best of the week:

Checking in on the Cup and Handles pattern in Silver (SLV)

Silver is up but we think an even bigger breakout is on the horizon.

Silver - Large Pic w Bars

Bring on Cyber Monday and Stocks

Its time to check out the best deals and best stocks for the Holiday season.

Bullish General Large Pic


RIM Bounces Back

Right before our eyes RIM shares have bounced back 50%

RIM - Large Hindenberg Pic