Mastery Rewind: JCP, MS Surface, U.S. Steel, LinkedIn, McLovin

Shaq Fu - Super Gay

Shaq your Fu as we rewind the week with the best stock picks for summer 2012.

Fellow Masters (all 10 of you) thank you for reading and here are the best stock picks of the week.  Welcome summer and should we rally we have got the line-up for you including Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), J.C. Penny's (JCP) and more.


Dig it!


A Realistic Valuation of LinkedIn (LNKD)

Shares of Linkedin are up 15% in the last 15 days. Really?



4 Mindless Stocks to Buy for a Summer Rally

The premise is simple. If we are going to rally, these 4 stocks should go up.

McLovin gives his License a Try


Steel Stocks Deserve a Look (AKS, X, STLD)

Low expectations are drowning the steel industry.  Its why the Masters are considering buying.

T-1000 Changing


Microsoft's Tablet Computer: the Surface (Video)

Better late than never.  Microsoft's tablet with Windows 8 has finally arrived.

MS Surface