Mastery Rewind: AONE, FB, Zillow, Take-Two, Contrarian Stocks

The Highlander - Original

Mastery breaks down the week and explains why there can be only one.

Another mixed bag for stocks as we close out June 15th and into the weekend.  Mastery found some stocks worth investigating further including Zillow (Z), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), Safeway (SWY), Yelp (YELP), and more.  If you are still trying to find an entry point for Facebook (FB) shares, keep waiting.


 Let's get into it and not forget about the 'Spailout'.


Contrarian Stocks (ZNGA, YELP, SWY)

Investors have been drinking the Hater-Aide when it comes to these 3 heavily-shorted stocks. Is it time to play contrarian?

Hater-Aid (Big Pic)


An Acquisition of Zillow (Z) makes sense

The housing market is on the precipice of recovery. Here is why we think Zillow will be acquired within the next 12 months:



Turnaround Time for Take-Two Shares?

The GTA and Bioshock game maker hit a new 12 month low today, is it comeback time?

BioShock Infinite


Facebook Alert: Unlike FB Shares

When a company has to defend itself to the public, its never a good sign for investors.

Facebook - UNLIKE

The Sentiment Cycle Revisited

Checking back on the sentiment cycle from January. Seriously, take a look at this. It's pretty cool



Clever CNBC Term of the Day 'Spailout'

CNBC coined the term 'Spailout' today and we all lost a ton of money.  Ole.

Spain - Bull Fight


Bored on a Friday at work.  You can watch the original 1986 movie 'The Highlander' in its entiry on  Scottish immortal (Christopher Lambert) fights with other immortals to gain the prize of being "the One".  Here's the link, enjoy>>

the highlander 1986