Mastery Rewind: Keystone XL Pipeline Stocks, Solar, HSY

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We rewind the week before we get one step closer to the edge -- and break.

Mastery found some stocks worth looking at including .Hershey (HSY), SunPower Corp (SPWR), and TransCanada Corp. (TRP). There is no doubt that American solar stocks had their moment in the sun this past week and that trend could continue. 

General Electric (GE) got whacked 6% but has already gained back 3% this week.  We also want you to consider the possibility of the Keystone XL Pipeline getting the go ahead by the U.S. Government.  If that happens you can bet your ass that the 9 stocks we listed are going to increase.

We rewind the week and bring you the best content of our week with new equity investing ideas:

Solar is Back

Everyone loves an Underdog. Here are our picks.

Solar Panels


Forget Gold, Go Long Chocolate (HSY)

Gold is down 15% YTD, while Hershey is up 25%.

Hershey (HSY)

Keystone XL Pipeline: Stocks to Buy

It has to happen and when it does -- buy these stocks.

Obama Money (big pic)


Dead Money: GE

JPMorgan just gave GE the 'Kiss of Death' today.

Fedo - Godfather Kiss of Death

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