Mastery Rewind: Take-Two, $2 Stocks, Bottom Fishing

Road Warrior Movie - Mad Max 2

Stocks so money you may want to harpoon another car on a desert highway in the near distant future.

It was a huge week for some Mastery favorites which include Take-Two (TTWO), Dendreon (DNDN), and perhaps a chance to gamble a few bucks on $2 stocks.  Those two buck chucks include Metalico (MEA).  It's hard to believe MEA has fallen so hard, which is why we want to give it a look. 


Behold the week that was...

Niko's Revenge: TTWO Soars

Take-Two shares are up 18% this week.  We were all over this one.



Bottom Fishing Paid Off: Crocs, Chipotle, Dendreon

Those 3 stocks we recommended in Dec have gone on a 13%, 21%, and 47% ride.


Stocks Under $2

Looking for some stocks on the cheap? Mastery has you covered.

2 Dollar Bill


Hard to believe this guy was once a major bad ass.