Madoff Pleads Guilty, How about some Golf Balls!

Madoff Golf BallsKnow someone that got burned by sleazy Madoff?  Give them the Madoff Golf balls for them to take their frustration out on.  Great idea by some guy that is going to make a quick million, found at

Bernie Madoff is the greatest sleazeball of all time! ... Sham cover; Guaranteed cut-throat action, here's the site to go buy them at:

Madoff Golf BallAt least the guy that is behind the site is cool and trying to make money back that he lost during this recession.  Well, that's what we know for the moment, who knows what the press will dig up on this guy next week, for now its a good story.

From the Founder -- I worked at a hedge fund and lost my job and a substantial amount of money due to Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme. I have been unsuccessful at finding a new job and quite frankly I am sickended to even think about going back to work in the financial industry. I have decided to do something else entitrely. I have created Sleazeballs as a way to educate people that there are truly disgusting, sleazy people out there, Bernie Madoff being the biggest one of them all. Sleazeballs are golf balls with Bernie's smriking face on them for your whacking pleasure. Bernie Madoff is the just the first, new candidates for Sleazeballs are emerging everyday, from new ponzi schemers, corporate pay excesses, baseball players, to corrupt political figures, the list is getting quite long! Visit for more info.