Crisis America: Butt Implant Leaks (Kardashian)

Butts in a line-up

Is it true that Khloe Kardashian's butt implants are leaking?

This is what the OK magazine is saying.  Jesus C.  So can and do butt implants leak?

No they can't. They use a different kind of solid silicone rubber, sorry OK Magazine. Buttock implants are made of a very soft and compressible semi-solid silicone rubber, they cannot "rupture" like breast implants.  As far as the implant is concerned, there are round and oval shaped implants.  Even though an oval implant may fit the shape of your buttock cheek better, there is an approximate 10 - 15 % chance it could rotate/spin sideways or upside down creating a overall change in appearance of your buttock.  This can happen spontaneously or more likely from direct trauma to the area.  Fortunately, if this happens the implant can usually be manually manipulated back into its correct orientation. 

Now the latest headine and this is for real. Via OK Magazine -


Everybody send your best vibes to Justin Bieber's old house because Khloe Kardashian is LITERALLY FALLING APART—that is to say, "her butt implants are leaking." Also, she hates herself! "When Khloe looks in the mirror, all she sees is an ogre," says the bitchy gnome that lives above Khloe's mirror. Her family bullies her about her weight, she spends "hours" staring at pics of herself online, and a really sweet friend adds that "her inability to find love definitely adds to her lack of confidence." No word from Khloe, because Kris is currently dragging her by her hair to a cliff in Sparta to do What Should Have Been Done A Long Time Ago.

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