Krispy Kreme Gives Free Doughnuts: Stock won't Bounce

Doughnuts, Mmm (Homer)

KKD shares are no longer around to bounce from this news

Just when you think you can plan a quick trade, you find out that stock is no longer actionable. Krispy Kreme which used to trade under the ticker KKD was acquired May 2016. At least you can still score a free doughnut.

KKD was bought out at $21 last May.  JAB Beech Inc., an indirect controlled subsidiary of JAB Holding Company, bought up KKD last year.  Krispy Kreme is most likely doing better overall when not in the eyes of Wall Streeters.  

Stop by any Krispy Kreme and with a purchase of any size coffee in new brews Smooth and Rich you get a free glazed doughnut. The former is described as best for “subtle, easy drinking,” while the latter is darker and comes with a “more bold experience.” 

Just remember that little doughnut consists of 190 calories. Yikes.