3 Stocks to Buy for Housing Recovery

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3 'Housing' stocks are up huge in 2012, should the trend continue here's what to buy.

Even if the U.S. Housing sector is in dire straits, its time to pay attention to DR Horton (DHI), KB Home (KBH), and Zillow Inc (Z).  All three of those names are up more than 30% in 2012 while the Dow Jones has only gained 8%.

In 2012 Zillow shares have jumped 54%, DR Horton has increased 37%, and KB Home is up 34%.  The argument for if housing has started to recover, is standing still, slight decline or whatever -- these stocks are moving higher.  In the past 5 days while stocks have dipped up and down all three of those companies shares have gained with KBH and DHI both up over 9%. 

There is major buying interest all three of these stocks as investors flock to securities that will gain in the coming months.  All three are subject to headlines on the housing market, they are risky but what can't be denied are their incredible gains in the past four months.  The home-builders did report an increase in orders for Q1, DHI's book is up 19% when compared to 2011. 

Zillow is the wild card of the three stocks mentioned and could gain the most if we are truly in a state of recovery.  Most of us have used Zillow.com to price our house at one time or another, maybe look up sale and property tax information.  Zillow reports earnings today after the bell (May 2nd), the stock is either going to fly or tank.  Mastery will wait for after the call to place a bet. 

MASTERY Bottom Line (Master Po Style)

MASTERY Bottom line:

Add these stocks to your watch list as they keep on running higher.  Mastery likes in order of preference KBH, DHI, and Z.








Check out the chart on Alexa.com for Zillow. Traffic is up 20% in the last 3 months. Similiar situation with Trip advisor, which is up 6 points today after their earnings call. I expect similiar results from Zillow.