Hottest Women of Last Year

These chicks are still super hot.

Seriously besides Kate Upton do you really care?  Well here are the top 3 hottest women for 2014.

We scoured the internets and have it down to three. Taking in Maxim's list amongst others.  This is the Stock Masters 3 Hottest Women for 2014.

No. 1 - Kate Upton

The greatest Safe for Work picture you'll ever set eyes on.  Recent 2012 Sports Illustrated cover (and 2014 Swimsuit Issue), she should grace every cover of every magazine. Kate is only 21 and could retire on her fortune but we know she won't.  In April 2014, she appeared with Cameron DiazLeslie Mann and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the comedy The Other Woman as Amber, one of Coster-Waldau character's mistresses.


kate upton

No 2. - Katy Perry

Shazam.  Russell Brand is an idiot.  How you managed to get this one and lose her is beyond.  There's no comparison.  One of the hottest women on the planet.  'Oh no, you'll do so much better'.  No you won't.

Perry has released numerous perfumes and records to date.  The most recent...oh, you don't care? Fine, here are the pics. 



No 3. - Jennifer Lawrence

Hot and talented.  Nominations: Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for American Hustle.  Hunger Games, Silver Linnings etc, she's got some major films under her belt and she's worth millions.  She's only 23.