Searching for High Yield CDs (Mar 2013)

High Yield CDs - Big Pic

Sorry fellow Masters, the picking is slim.

Sick of gambling your money in the stock market?  We all are.  The only problem is in 2013 high yield CDs are far from "high yield".  More like zero yield.  But for those that still care about these options here is what you can find nationwide as of March 2013.

There are really only two options worth considering at this ponit (March 24th) -- GE Capital Retail Bank or Ally Bank.

GE Capital Retail Bank will reward investors depending on how much money you put down.  We won't consider locking up money for more than two years which seems likes a lifetime. If you have at least $2K then consider the 24 month option which amounts to a 1.1% APY.  Even if you could pony up $100K and lock it away for 24 months they will only pay out an additional .05%.  If you are going to consider GE Capital lock away less than $10K with them.  GE Capital Retail Bank's CD offers can be found at their website - click to open.  You can do better with our next option at Ally Bank.

Ally Bank right off the bat catches your attention with their 12 month .89% APY with any minimum balance.  That means you could just put down $1,000 and walk away with the same offer if you had $10K to invest.  Mastery likes this option because it only keeps your money for a year with the bank.  To check out all of Ally's deals click here.

Fellow Masters we believe you can do better with our 3 Dividend Stocks for 2013 which are Exelon (EXC) (6.2% annual dividend yield), Safeway (SWY) (2.7% annual dividend yield), and Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) (7.24% annual dividend yield).  In 2013 all of these stocks are up more than 13% with Safeway up an incredible 42%.  High dividend stocks are much more valuable than 'high yield CDs' in 2013, the end.