Lock your Money away in High Yield CDs

high yield cdWith investor sentiment hitting new lows, its time to review the nationwide high yield cd offers, even if they are low.  Instead of watching your portfolio sway back and forth with the 100+ point swings in the Dow Jones, locking your money away for 12 months doesn't sound that bad.

The best national offers this week come from Ally and Aurora Bank.

Certificates of Deposits (CDs) are protected by FDIC insurance, thus no matter how bad things get, your money is backed by Uncle Sam, guaranteed.  If you are concerned about missing better yields, consider creating a CD ladder. With a CD laddert you can take advantage of possibly higher rates, while your money grows in safety, just make sure the bank you select has that option.

While some of these CD Deals mentioned in this article may no longer be offered by the various Banks and Financial firms, the most recent CD options can be found by our sponsors below and in the left margin:

Ally Bank is offering 12 months at 1.44% APY, that's with zero monthly fees and all you need is one buck to open an account, here's a link to all their rates.  If you want to jump on the 12 month train, you can do so all online which is convenient, here's that link.

There's also AuroraBank, they are offering a 12 month CD at 1.43% - click to visit their offer.  It's FDIC Insured all the way up to $250,000 per depositor, so you can sell the house and put it all on the line with peace of mind.  AuroraBank does require you put down at least $1,000 to get this deal.

The Stockmasters care the most about the 3 month and 4 month CD offers, and consider some of the 6 month, 9 month, and 1 Year options if the rates are good.  Check out our other CD investing articles>> .

Happy Safe Investing.