Han Solo had a Girlfriend? (Jenny)

Han Solo Girlfriend

Thanks to the full Cantina scene we meet Jenny.

The original cantina scene from the 1st Star Wars (Ep. 4 New Hope) is now on the internets.  Turns out Han Solo has a lady friend snuggled up next to him before Luke and Obi-Wan sit down. All the glory of the internets.

Han Solo gives her a nice kiss as well!  Han! It's in black and white because the footage is un-cut and the initial unfinished film.  According to the Wookieepedia, this character is known to fans as Jenny after the actress who played her, Jenny Cresswell. 

The new footage (thanks to DailyMotion) is 7 minutes long and totally worth watching.  Awesome shit here:

Unedited Star Wars Cantina Scene by chanoy


Color picture of Jenny (Han Solo's chick) from Star Wars IV A New Hope (1977).

'Star Wars' Rough-Cut Footage Shows Han's Honey and Other Differing Details from the Cantina Scene

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