Wimpy Greeks Won't Pay?

Wimpy Pay Tuesday

How did we ever let EU countries become Wimpy?  We would love to not pay our bills.

Is Greece Wimpy?  They want their hamburgers today, promise to pay on Tuesday yet never do?  What gives?  Its killing our stocks, enough is enough.

The market tanks again and we expected this to be a terrible week after the events on Sunday (Reacall Prediction for this Week's Trading: Pain).  Greece defaults and they fall out of the euro, its inevitable.  Its bizzare that in this modern day world Greece gets to charge it, cause their citizens 20% unemployment and enjoy not paying all the hamburgers they consumed.  Its madness.

Seriously, how can the Greeks simply vote out austerity? Can a new government in Athens simply abandon the reform and debt reduction targets it agreed with the EU?

It appears that is what is going to happen.  Thanks Greece Wimpy