'Lady Brienne' from GoT pretty pictures

Lady Brienne

Lady Brienne is much better looking then you think she is.

STAR WARS 7 has just added Gwendoline Christie, the famous Brienne of Tarth of Game of Thrones to the cast.

Turns out she's going to look like an actual lady in the upcoming movie.  We are thinking they will sprinkle some make-up on her which really makes her much more attractive.  How attractive is Gwendoline Christie?  If you like a tall drink of water, she's your gal.

Gwendoline really is over 6 feet tall, clocking in at 6' 3".  

If you are not at work, trying Googling "Gwendoline Christie Bunny".  Be prepared to do so using an Incognito Browser.  Christie the subject of a noted series of photographs, entitled Bunny, between 2002 and 2008. According to Christie, she felt then that the photographs—in which she appears mostly nude—could help her come to terms with her body, and challenge notions of femininity. 

Below are some SFW shots of the star.